Had my first Lucid Dream

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Had my first Lucid Dream

Postby edgzamora2 » 26 Nov 2016 07:52

Alright, so I had my first lucid dream. But it was really short. I was in this office talking with three other people, I turned around and walked outside. When I walked outside I saw this field , it was beautiful and something inside me told me it was a Lucid dream. I shouted ,"Clarity Now", which caused everything to become vivid. I saw and dream character (girl) and I walked over to her to tell her I was dreaming. But before I could reach her, I woke up :(.

What can I do to make the dream last longer?
And what can I do to get lucid dreams more often?

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Re: Had my first Lucid Dream

Postby Pilgrim » 26 Nov 2016 09:49

That is a great start! I don't have any luck at shouting commands, like you did. If that works for you, maybe you can shout "last longer"?

I think quite a people have luck with looking at their own hands, if the dream starts to fade. Falling motion, as jumping off a building, seems to help my dreams last and gives freedom. You will just have to experiment to learn what works for you.

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Re: Had my first Lucid Dream

Postby Philoni » 26 Nov 2016 14:12

First of all, stay calm. The excitement and adrenaline will instantly wake you up so just keep remembering to yourself it's a dream

1. Rub your hands together. More kinesthetic actions inside a lucid dream will make it last longer

2. Avoid wishing too earlier. It was your first lucid dream. The body had to accostumbrate to the new enviroment. So just don't go running around getting an ak 47 or trying to teleport from place to place. (Just in case for your future LD)

3.Do reality checks. It's basically telling your brain that you are dreaming.

4. Fall backwards (Note, use this as a last resort since it may cause a false awakening, or a real one...)
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