hi everyone new to the site and this is where i at

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hi everyone new to the site and this is where i at

Postby gymrat » 11 Jan 2017 20:11

:shock: Hi everyone and thx u for the help ....I am kind of lost right now cause it's like I try and LD and yet my body say' NOPE you shit your going to A/T instead :roll:
whats going on cause it's like L/D is figting A/T to have control of my mind and A/t is saying hell no your not or am I just plain off my rocker lol .
b4 I start this is me right at this stage .I am new to trying but had a craving for this since I was a small child so I am very open to this world I'm learning more and more on my reality check so here goes to making more of a ass out of myself lol ..
1.i lay down clear my mind and I have become good at the clearing my mind cause each time I try it's like my spirit guide tell me what is working . and I am able to with stand any itching and side tracking my body does ..
I am able to get my body to go numb more and more legs arms my whole body learns to cover more each time I do it
I have had twitching in the arm and legs and sometimes my body is just shaking with little shocks 2x only ...
I repeat over and over in my mind that I will lucid dream and yet my body feels like it wants to lift right out of my earth body .
I have been having trouble recalling my dreams I have to make sure I have my D/J besides me or forget it I will forget .
the dreams for the last couple of weeks have been me on some kind of treasure haunt and there is always men in suits ..I have dreamt of family members being in it .....

Where am I going wrong and yes I have only been trying to do this for a few weeks only but I want to nix and problems b4 they become a habbit or do I just keep going with the flow and see what may happen .... thankyou

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Re: hi everyone new to the site and this is where i at

Postby cayennedesert » 12 Jan 2017 16:25

I wouldn't worry about rushing into things or bad habits. If anything I would go easier on yourself. I've always had better dreams in a state of love and forgiveness/acceptance. It will happen. I would try to just get a few normal healthy nights under your belt, and then try again. It seems like you have a technique that works for you. (new to talking about it online...what does A/T mean?) There are many others, however. You can let your soul wander or keep it wrapped up inside of you and lucid dream all the same. Just keep posting on here about your progress, talk to someone, write it in a journal. I dreamed of heaven after a distance Reiki session. I'm going to learn Reiki soon, I am very excited.
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Re: hi everyone new to the site and this is where i at

Postby ctrain46 » 16 Jan 2017 08:18

my guess is he means astral travel?

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Re: hi everyone new to the site and this is where i at

Postby gymrat » 17 Jan 2017 01:49

thankyou for getting back and yes I mean astral travel

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