Best smart watch for LD?

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Kasper Hviid
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Best smart watch for LD?

Postby Kasper Hviid » 11 Jan 2017 14:36

Does anyone have any experience with smart watches and lucid dreaming?

A smartwatch with accelerometer and heart rate monitor should be able to do some pretty awesome stuff here. Some smartwatches also boost about sleep monitoring.

However, I don't want them to wake me "at the ideal time in the morning". I want them to wake me right after REM, while I still remember my dream. Is this currently possible?

Other potential smart watch uses:
* log my stages throughout the night
* reality-testing (fixed text on front of watch)
* give me a 'dude, this is a dream' cue at night (vibration / sound)

Of course, smart watches are not designed for LD, so they may be missing out on the software side, even if the hardware is ever so good. But what are the able to do, right now?

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Re: Best smart watch for LD?

Postby Unintended » 29 Jan 2017 11:54

My smartwatch does pretty little about my sleep, so no idea about it. :lol: However, if your phone has an accelerometer, you can install cool sleep monitoring apps. I have Sleep as Android, which features lucid dreaming clues, noise recording and other interesting stuff. Just put it under your pillow, or somewhere near you: it can even use sonar! I think it only wakes you "at the best possible sleep phase", although who knows, maybe you can tweak the options somehow! Another drawback is that it identifies my REM sleep (my assumption based on actigram) as "deep sleep". According to the FAQ docs, movements are suppressed during deep sleep, which isn't true. You do have muscular tone; moreover, sleepwalking and such occur in this phase.
Anyways, if you want wearable gear, here are the most popular items I found some time ago:
Just a thought... I think it wouldn't be too hard to develop a decent sleep tracker app which wakes you up at the end of REM sleep. Good idea yours, :D I'll give it a try, but I promise nothing.

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Re: Best smart watch for LD?

Postby ColdPenguin » 27 Jun 2017 00:30

I don't have a smartwatch, unfortunately. But, I have a Xiaomi mi band 2 ($30) on the way, which I will pair with Sleep Android app, which already tracks my REM cycles--though, I don't know how well. With the heart rate monitor on the band, should be more accurate REM readings. I may update my experience after I try it out.

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Re: Best smart watch for LD?

Postby SamsungSam » 31 Oct 2017 21:43

jessicah wrote:My friends and I have had great success with the Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch. I highly recommend it!

What exactly did you do with your Gear S3 for Lucid Dreaming. I have one but don't know what to set up!

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