Almost there, or am i not?

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Almost there, or am i not?

Postby freddiekohsg » 12 Apr 2012 15:05

Hello guys, firstly thanks for taking the time to read this thread.
I've been facing some weird difficulties, like i couldn't fully submerge myself into the dream, i'd come back to reality in no time at all once i realize i'm sort of dreaming. I'll explain how i tried to lucid dream.

1) Before going right to bed, i'd watch the NLP video on how to induce lucid dreams.

2) I plugged in my earpiece, listening to the brainwave entertainment i downloaded(30mins) and try to follow the instructions i saw on the video. (When i'm ready to sleep)

3) As i start to loose my physical body sense, ( this is the part i'm not sure of ) i start to talk to someone, someone i'm not sure who(random at all times and i don't know how this part comes.) and i'd somehow realize i'm dreaming and i'd snap right into reality again.

My question is, how do i go into the dream state on purpose? And how do i not loose it almost instantaneously once i realize i'm dreaming?

P/S, i've no idea which method i tried to induce lucid dream.
Whether it being WILD or MILD, i seem to have somehow mixed it together or something..

I'd really look forward to an expert's view on my problem and come out with a solution to this as i've been trying to lucid dream for the past 1-2 months without a success all time.

Thank you,
Freddie :D

20 views and no replies? Dang... i really need some help....


Still no replies? I really need some help...

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Re: Almost there, or am i not?

Postby LieutenantParth » 16 Apr 2012 18:12

Frddie you had a WILD perhaps. Keep trying WILD if it is easy for u. And when u get lucid dont get over excited. I have wasted 8 lucid dreams due to my excitedness. Stay calm and enjoy

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