[Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

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Do you keep a dream journal?

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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Beethoven » 24 Feb 2017 09:59

I don't keep a dream journal cos I'm just too damn lazy to write my dreams down. There have been times when I have done for short periods, usually less than a week, and there is absolutely no doubt about it, my dream recall rocketed. Once I started writing, it seemed like there was no end, like I was gonna end up writing a book or something! For the most part, I have a good think about what I've been dreaming about, which will have to do. I don't get lucid much so that probably explains it!

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Sean Jacobs
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Sean Jacobs » 24 Feb 2017 17:57

I answered no, but the actual answer is sometimes.

When I get back into LDing (and I have quit several times in the past) I typically start with a couple weeks of jounalling. But, then I generally stop because it negatively impacts the quantity and quality of my sleep. Recently I decide I will start jounalling again, but only what I remember when I wake up. We'll see how long that lasts.
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby lucidé » 24 Feb 2017 18:35

Yes I keep a dream journal, it is hidden away on another website where most users will not ever find it. The reason for this is because I have way too many low probability hits in some of my lucid dreams (all of the low probability I end up having happen within that same I am flying around accurate-looking places lucid dreams), and even some of them have low probability hits that have extremely ridiculously low odds of usually happening, and I think it might make some of the users too uneasy reading it and others really quick to bully me about it. The ones I control like a virtual reality are perfectly fine, and I don't see reason why anyone would have a problem reading those at all.
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Petal » 25 Feb 2017 16:57

Hi,Interesting question and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who find dream journals problematic. I've tried to kept a dream journal in the pasted, but as I have so many dreams it got ridiculous. I seem to dream a couple of types of dreams repeatably and the details are all much of a muchness. Most are too silly and lame to write of read back. If I'm lucid and my dream turns into one about gritty grey train stations or tsunamis or catastrophic flooding, I usually feel my eyes roll back in exasperation before I decide what I'm going to try and do with it. I have at least three of those a month. If a dream details or set of dreams help some way to understand something trifling that effecting my general living, I make a general note to myself about the topic and may or not include the dream reference. I do keep a notepad by my bed to scribble a few words down or a sentence or two if something is specifically insightful or was enjoyable, also the date time and dream number per night. In the morning I can then usually reconstruct what I was up to by word association. Association being how I understand memories works for most people. If a rare dream is worth recording in detail, I use a phone app, these days, to record it properly straight away whatever the time. That way I keep the most useful info or insights but minimise the paper woffle balls. I have a normal page a day dairy for setting goals and reminders. I find if I write in advance I going to do or try such a such on a certain day or night I stand more chance of achieving it. If I dream lucidly, I'll write that I has been achieved and I keep my dream details recorded separately on my phone. Scribbled notes get sorted and go in the recycling bin appropriately every two to three weeks.
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Rhapsode » 26 Feb 2017 00:52

I keep a log of my dreams on my computer. I use the Microsoft One Note program because I can access it on my smart phone and make quick notes when I'm on the bus or at work, and it transfers to my laptop as soon as I connect to the internet. I highly recommend this software for people who want to write their dreams but don't want the hassle of always having a journal or pen on them.
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby dizzyuluru » 01 Mar 2017 14:46

Freed wrote:I've never kept a dream journal mainly because it takes me a while to fall back asleep. I'm satisfied with my dream recall, I usually remember the good bits. How vivid my memory is just depends on how vivid my dream was. I find it easier to mull my dream over after I've woken up.

For people who keep a dream journal, on a scale of 1-10, how much does it help with dream recall?

I keep a dream journal very regularly. I write down every single dream or fragment that I can remember. If I wake up and I'm not motivated enough to write the dream down, I put small keywords that will help me remember later on so I can write it down. That goes for if I wake up in the middle of the night, as well. I would say that keeping a dream journal helps me a great deal, because previous to keeping a dream journal I would only remember 1 small dream every 2-3 weeks, and now I remember an average of 2 dreams every night (though it is usually more, I do have dry spells).

So, on a scale of 1-10 I would say 9.5 :).

I was actually very surprised by the amount of people that didn't keep a dream journal, or didn't need to. I envy those who don't need one, :).
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby MysticalMeadows » 15 Mar 2017 06:22

I have a dream journal, but I find myself not using all the time.

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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Silence » 15 Mar 2017 15:12

I have 1. You should have one, if you dont like to use it at all... atleast take notes about the details, that help you a lot for next lucid dreams.
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Elamras9 » 17 Jun 2017 07:41

I seldom have a dream in recent days.
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Peter » 17 Jun 2017 08:31

got 10 or 12 books full so far
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