Question about Reality Checks..

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Question about Reality Checks..

Postby Tetra84 » 24 Apr 2012 18:05

Hi everyone,

So i'm new to the Lucid Dreaming scene.. I've never experienced one as far as I know, however I occasionally have several vivid dreams, none of which I knew I was dreaming though. I have also had a handful of cases of Sleep Paralysis, so I know the subconsciousness is a powerful thing, thus I believe Lucid dreaming to be possible.

My question is about reality checks.. I understand the concept, and am working on making it a habit several times a day to question my state of consciousness. What I don't understand is, some dreams are very weird. Such that in our waking world we would obviously know they weren't real (talking animals, floating objects etc) Why then would these events themselves not count for being reality checks and bring about Lucidity? It seems odd that you would need to try to stick your hand through a solid object or check a clock twice to make sure it was the same time to prove to yourself that your dreaming, when a number of dreams are simply odd and unnatural to begin with?

Could anyone explain?


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Re: Question about Reality Checks..

Postby Gregor » 25 Apr 2012 00:52

It's because when you're sleeping, the conscious part of your brain is not active, so the logical side of your brain is turned "off." It doesn't notice that anything is different. If you do something completely illogical in a dream, though (your reality checks), your conscious brain will snap into focus, realizing that something is paradoxical.

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