Kinda new to lucid dreaming

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Kinda new to lucid dreaming

Postby dayzrp » 18 Apr 2017 16:05

I have trying lucid dreaming in the past but forgot most things i do rc and i have a dj any tips to get lucid

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Re: Kinda new to lucid dreaming

Postby Mythos » 19 Apr 2017 04:21

My tip? Make as many dreaming friends as possible and discuss dreams with them on a daily basis. When I was part of a dreaming group previously we met once a week and chatted about dreaming and we also created an online group to chat virtually. During that time in my life I had lucid dreams weekly which were very vivid and stable. I journalled my dreams but not faithfully. It was the daily dream discussion that pumped up my lucid dream count, I believe. That is why I have become a member here, to find a new circle of like minded spirits which which to wander dream worlds.

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