Help? Want to stop lucid dreams

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Help? Want to stop lucid dreams

Postby Mona855 » 19 Apr 2017 16:15

Hi all,

I'm new to these forums- new to this topic altogether. When this first began I started researching what was happening and found this website. I wanted to reach out to see if anyone could give me any guidance or advice. (Sorry if this is wrong location for this)

I've never tried to have lucid dreams. I'd heard about it before, in movies or books, but never was particularly interested for whatever reason. I have always had a relatively normal sleep history, although always a really light sleeper and have sometimes had vivid nightmares that will stick with me for days. Other than that, nothing unusual.

Maybe around 6 weeks ago, I was sleeping and dreaming and all of a sudden, in my dream it occurred to me I was dreaming. (Lucid dream?) It was weird and confusing, my little dream scene immediately ended and I was floating in this outerspace-esque place. I didn't like it, I couldn't see my body and I started moving/flying in outer space place very fast. I told myself to wake up, to open my eyes. But I couldn't. Suddenly I could open my eyes. I was lying in my bed. But I couldn't move. (Sleep paralysis?) I kept trying to move my hands and couldn't and it was frightening me. I could hear my breathing beginning to race and my heart pumping. I closed my eyes and told myself to wake up again, but I continued to be stuck.

Suddenly I realized I could move, I floated up away from my bed. Up until then the scene/ my vision hadn't changed, because I couldn't move my head. But suddenly I could see my bedroom door and moved towards it. I felt like I was held back, I could only move towards it to a point. I remember looking down at one point and seeing I had no body. I let myself return back to my bed.

I went back to keeping my eyes closed and telling myself over and over to wake up. It finally worked, Suddenly I was awake and could move. My heart was racing and I was scared to go back to sleep. Eventually I did.

Since this first incident, this has happened again several times- but the floating from my body, that has only happened once since that first night. I don't like this, it scares me and I wish it would stop. What exactly is going on? Is this actually lucid dreaming? I have absolutely no control over what I see before I wake up in my bed. I keep going to the same outer space place. I float around and then start flying really fast each time. Half the time it leads to the sleep paralysis which freaks me out even more or I just wake up after some effort. If anyone could give me some advice on what I should do about this, I'd really appreciate it. I feel like this has become a stressor and making it more difficult for me to fall and stay asleep at night. Browsing these forums, seems cool that the purpose of lucid dreaming is to control your dreams (?), I haven't had this experience at all, its all very very out of my control and not at all pleasant. Is it possible what I'm experiencing is NOT lucid dreaming?

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Re: Help? Want to stop lucid dreams

Postby Tororo » 25 Apr 2017 08:22

Don't worry, perfectly normal. You have stumbled upon lucid dreaming (just like me 18 years ago now).

First thing is to understand that your physical and mental wellbeing are not at risk. It feels like it, at this early stage, because the experience is so utterly new (mind blowing?). Approach this new experience as an adventure, you are not at risk, explore and go with it, when it happens.

Read about how lucid dreaming is thought to work. Oliver Sacks 'Hallucinations' book is a good start. Understand 'sleep paralysis' and also 'hypnagogic state' all easily available to search on the internet.

Many people practise to enter into lucid dreaming which you are, like me, able to do naturally. It will take years of experiencing lucid dreams to fully master how you and your dreams can coexist. Enjoy the journey, you have nothing to fear but lots to look forward to.

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Re: Help? Want to stop lucid dreams

Postby RenoDeluxe » 25 Apr 2017 08:51

Sorry to say this Mona but your body has been takin over for other purposes while you sleep. It scary at 1st but you do have a choice if you can focus on the powers. You'll need to Demand this spirit to leave your body and never return, but here could be a huge cost to this, death as it will fight hard not to leave while at the same time rasising your heart rates well beyond normal activity or learn to enjoy the dream world.

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