Got Shot in the Head then became lucid

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Got Shot in the Head then became lucid

Postby Price » 24 Apr 2017 06:45

So the dream starts out with me getting shot in the head. I am not bleeding, but there is definitely a hold in my head. I remember feeling pain when I got shot and was surprised by how painful it was. I was semi Lucid at the time. I started to walk myself to the hospital. No one was around because it was night time and so the walk took forever. At certain points I could feel the blood covering my eyes and also I started to think about how my thinking was becoming impaired.

Then I became lucid.

I was standing at a cross walk. I had just hit the button, and was waiting for the walk light to turn. I started to think. Wow, getting to the hospital is taking way too long. Why would I have a dream and the sole theme of the dream is just one long walk to the hospital. I wouldn't be surprised if I never actually make it to the hospital. the walk light came on, and I started to cross the street. I started to look around and started to think. I wonder what the meaning of this dream is, but I couldn't figure it out. I started to think well maybe I can fly away and have another dream, but I didn't really have any dream goals at this point, so I decided to ride out the dream. I kept walking and started to notice how my thinking and movement was being affected by this bullet in my head. Then I started to think about how weird it was that I was having a lucid dream that could so dramatically affect my thinking. It reminded me when I was not lucid and I dreamed that I was high, and how all alter states are ultimately in my head, and how cool is that is.

Finally I got the hospital and found a doctor who took the bullet out of my head. I looked at the bullet, it was pretty big. Right before I woke up the doctor said. "You have to take the pain and suffering in your life and turn them into diamonds."

Thoughts upon awakening: I have been playing around with becoming lucid and not altering the dream at all. Do other people do this? What have you learned? This is the second time that I have tried to interpret my dream when I was dreaming it, and I have found it impossible. When I woke up I thought that the dream was telling me how I am working on getting better, and that while I am not there yet. I am in the process of "walking to the hospital" soon I will get there and the "doctor" will show me how all of my suffering and struggle to heal will pay off. I will learn how to make my suffering into diamonds.

Yet I couldn't come to that realization in during the dream. It makes me think about life, and how you can't really understand life as it is happening to you. It is only when you look back on life and reflect upon it that the meaning of life can come to you. I think that this is one of the benefits of having a dream practice. You learn how to create meaning for your life.

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