Ive been having trouble dreaming

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Ive been having trouble dreaming

Postby Haradaska » 26 Apr 2017 14:23

so lately ive been trying to get back into dreaming.(for some reason it takes effort to even remember my dreams now.) Barely any success over the last week in remembering my dreams. I have no disruptions during the night to wake up and i get great quality sleep lately. But recently i found that maybe solid sleep isnt what is needed for remembering my dreams and/or having a lucid one at that. Instead the opposite.
Last night i went to sleep. I woke up with my alarm with solid sleep. With no luck in remembering a dream, I fell back asleep.(wake up at 5) But during the hour i was asleep, i had a good vivid dream. This has happened to me many times. i wake up in the morning or a bit earlier and then fall back asleep. Then have a dream. I dont really want to wake up 3 in the morning just to have quality dreams or that would make me have bad quality sleep. any solution anyone can think of?
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Re: Ive been having trouble dreaming

Postby ThePurple » 02 May 2017 23:03

You're quite right that repeated awakenings are good for dream recall.

It's actually part of our natural sleep cycles to wake up briefly several times the night, and particularly towards the end of the session. We just usually forget it (and the dreams before it) immediately once we fall back asleep, so believe in the morning that we slept straight through.

So, you're not actually disturbing or lessening the quality of your sleep simply by trying to notice something that is already happening. Now, setting alarms can disturb sleep if it happens during a particularly deep phase, but if it's after at least 5 hours of sleep the likelihood is low.

An alternative is setting your brain alarm. Most of us have pretty awesomely accurate internal clocks. I have found that simply looking at the clock and thinking before falling asleep "I'd like to wake up around 6am" often makes me do just that. Add on "... and remember my dreams" and you're golden.

Maybe it sounds absurd, but give it a shot, trusting that it's possible, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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