My weird experience, Am i the only one?

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My weird experience, Am i the only one?

Postby DanishDreamer » 08 May 2017 22:47

Hi dreamers

Been a while since i've done anything to try to become lucid (which i have yet to achieve XD,) but last nights weird experience calls for a post here.

I was in bed at my "normal" hour, and fell asleep as expected about 15 mins later (i think :P ) I had a dream, about riding a superbike through some very nice countryside scenery. A lot of green, and small winding roads. You get the picture i think.
I was revving the bike as needed, driving fast, but not in a race. I was all alone, and felt free and unconcerned.
Dream shifts a little, i'm now in my bed, lying on my stomach (as i fell asleep,) playing a videogame with that superbike. I had a PS3 controller in my hands, but no actual PS3 or screen for that matter. (That should've triggered a RC, right?!?! :) ) Still i played the game, and controlled it, saw it, in my mind.
Something shifts again, and i "think" i'm waking up. I can hear my wife snoring softly beside me, the dog on the floor beside my bed also. Everything points to me waking up, but still shrouded in the blanket of sleep. I lie completely still, to fall back to sleep.

But... I sense some kind of presence. At first i think it's my oldest son, who suffers from bad kidneys (though not severe,) who want's my attention. I silently lie there, waiting for him to make his presence known to me, but that never happens, and i feel it's not him.
I'm not afraid. More curious. What will happen next? I have the feeling that someone is standing beside my bed, but i can't think of who it can be. Everyone is asleep.
After a while (maybe seconds, maybe minutes) i feel the presence lean in over me. I'm still on my stomach, and covered by the blanket. only my head peek out from under there.
I can hear the presence breathe, and expect it to whisper something. But nothing is heard. After a few seconds (ten at most) i feel the mattress shift under a very light weight. Even a small, slim girl would be heavier than this, if you're to judge by the amount of movement i feel. But it's there. First on the left side, then the right. Every movement slow and calm. Almost as if the presence don't want to wake me up.
After some more seconds, i feel the presence lean down onto me. I feel it's arms around me, it's hands om my torso, between the mattress and my body. It feels very comforting. Like a loving embrace, or at least a comforting hug. I lie there soaking in the feeling, and wonder if i can use this in some way to become lucid. (remember, i still think i'm in the process of waking up, but want to fall back to sleep.)
My damned curiousity gets the better part of me, and i think "hmm, what will happen if i try to shift my legs?"
I do just that, and wake up for real this time. And for the first time, i see the illusive swirling patterns behind my eyelids. They soon fade, and the feeling of the presence goes with it. Sadly.

This was my expeirence. And it raises a few questions, i hope some of you can comment on. First of all, what the _ _ _ _ (insert proper bad word here) was that? At first i thought SP, but i never felt afraid, or paralyzed for that matter. I decided not to move, not because i couldn't. Also the vibrations everyone associates with SP wasn't present at all. It really felt like a normal "wake up procedure" until the presence was thrown into the mix.
False awakening? Fits better than SP, but why the presence then? Isn't FA's supposed to mimic RL to the point where you do stuff like on autopilot?
I can't find a box to fit this into. And that's where i hope someone can help me find a box for it, or at least a label for it :)
But any comments on this is very welcome. Have anyone else experienced something like this?

On a side note. I have been working on a story for a few years on and off now. I've become sort of "best friends" with one of the main characters of that story. One of my goals for LDing was to try to "meet" her in a more visual way, than my inner movie i see when i write. I am clinging a little to the hope, that she was the presence. But i never got the "message" to confirm that.
As said before, i never felt afraid or threatened by the presence. I was more curious than anything. I DID find it werid in my state of mind, but not to the point where i felt the need to act on it.

I'll stop babbeling now, before i scare someone with a wall of text... Oooops... too late.


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Re: My weird experience, Am i the only one?

Postby ThePurple » 10 May 2017 16:26

Aww, that's beautiful! :)

I'm curious why you feel the need to label or box this, though. Yes, these terms are useful as shorthand when referring to a set of sensations that many are familiar with, but in this case it seems it would be a disservice. Long form is okay with me!

But, okay, if I must cheapen it, I suppose "false awakening with comforting presence" seems closest. Yes, sometimes in false awakenings you get up and make coffee, but if your morning desires are to try to go back to dreaming, that's what you'll do in a false awakening too.

Although, rereading, maybe that doesn't address how you moved to wake for real. Maybe you were decidedly not paralyzed. In that case, I might call it "hypnagogic/hypnopomic hallucination of a comforting presence." But this is all obscuring us further from the details of your experience!

Anyway, something like this certainly can launch a lucid dream (and, maybe in a sense it was one :idea:) but I won't try to advise you on how, as I spend a lot of time floating between real (or "real") and dream bodies. So yes, I relate. I have had phantom cats jump up onto the bed and such, too.

Also, if you feel it was your story character, it was your story character. That's confirmation enough.

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Re: My weird experience, Am i the only one?

Postby jasmine2 » 13 May 2017 02:36

During the transition stage between wakefulness and sleep, I have experienced strange beings near my bed, sometimes pressing down on the mattress. If I felt scared, the strange presence became more menacing. Even if you can't move, you can imagine feeling big and strong and fight the intruder, and order him to go away.

However, if I felt excited but curious and amused by the dream visitor, "it" acted in a non-threatening manner.
Once, a dark dream world "demon" came over and pressed down on my bed and growled in my ear. My heart was racing and I felt unable to move, but I mentally called out to him , "I love you!", and he instantly disappeared. I woke up laughing.

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Examples -
- "The Veil Is Thin: When Spirits Show Up In Sleep Paralysis Visions"
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