Pleased to meet you

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Pleased to meet you

Postby Aurora » 16 May 2017 03:26

Hi to everyone!

My name's Aurora (as you see), I'll soon be 28 years old and I'm writing from Italy.
As for the background... I tend to be rambling or even verbose (like "OMGcanItrulyillustratethestoryofmylifeandnoonewillstopme?!"), so now I'll give you a healthy, tiny and cute presentation:

I'm really happy to be here (in particular, "here" in a whichever forum after so many years from the last time, instead of a more modern social network); I hope to discover good conversations and good people, as long as some help.
To the British people: I'm attending a Cambridge course to achieve the C1 level, so PLEASE if you read something I wrote and note I did some mistake... tell me. No matter how. I would truly appreciate that.

Then, for the braves & bored (if there are some)... scroll down a little and enjoy my seriously-too-much-long-presentation. All the others: you're justified to run away, sleep soundly or whatsoever you prefer.

Lucid dreaming was a nice feature of my childhood: whenever I had a nightmare (or most of the times, when a monster of some kind was involved) I could strongly use my imagination to make the door of my parent's bedroom appear in front of me. That way I could enter it and sneak in under the sheets between mom and dad: the evil guy (whatever it was) could never harm me there.
After that, I "used" lucid dreams to transform myself into animals, attaining super powers, and especially a combo of the previous: becoming a bird with wonderful feathers to fly as if the wind was my natural element. I also happened to dream of toys that I tried to hide under the bed or embrace tightly, in the hope to find them in the morning... but you know, that doesn't really work well.
Also, I've always been very fond of dreams in general, regardless of the "lucid" part.
They are powerful, colorful, tremendous even, mysterious and obvious at the same time... and they're for free. :lol: An Italian writer (from which I know only this quote) says "They have an untamable greatness of their own, the dreams".

Until recently the situation was exactly this one I described. I had lucid dreams on a fair enough frequency, by casualty or just by thinking of it a little. In 2013 I started a dream diary to record the funniest and most meaningful (even if "normal") ones. It was fine by me.

Then I met this incredible guy that opened my mind to the impossible in every possible way; the guy that then would have become my boyfriend. He's not even a "usual dreamer", in the sense that he normally (99,9% of the times) doesn't remember anything of his night journeys... so we could say that for him it's just like as "not dreaming at all".
I have been tempted with this big possibility of using lucid dreams FOR REAL.
I mean, for a purpose more profound (?) than the simple joy of a flight over the hills and some other little tidbits along the road.
He suggested that I had the possibility to do almost everything... whatever I could imagine during waking life. In dreams I had been rather monotonous, but thinking of it better... there were oceans of things I could experiment.

From that time he nurtured me with every kind of reading, videos and ideas in general: what is a lucid dream (he's a neuroscience enthusiastic), how to lucid dream (books from LaBerge at first), lucid dreams in various cultures and ages and spaces, correlates of lucid dreams (psychologic - karmic - folklore - whatsoever interpretation, OBE, etc.), dream supplements (more or less natural oneirogens), and so on. He's more informed than me (and keeps me on track) on the newest devices for lucid dreaming, like masks or similar.
A truly beautiful approach; you can imagine to what extent I took a glance (helas, just a glance...) in every direction.

All wonderful, but the point is... after I focused my attention and forces on the purpose, every little bit of my natural attitude just screwed up.
In the last two years I had just ONE (I say, only ONE) fucking lucid dream.
I admit that constancy is not a quality of mine, but what the hell... this is some kind of perverted joke from my own mind.

I also diverted myself from the argument for a while now (several months), thinking they would emerge by themselves as before... I barely came back to rare semi-conscious flights, nothing more. Surely less.
My uncle says: "When you find a horse that runs good, ride only that one until it has completed his role". But I still haven't found that horse.
I think I just did put too much meat on the grill, also in terms of daily tasks and duties (my actual "sun" life)... these are the results.
The more I knew the less I got, an enormous confusion arose from the thousand of technics and moral bugs possibly existing.

I finally thought that it was time to ask REAL PEOPLE (not books) for advice and experience, but in my area I don't know anyone that trains himself on this (I only have a friend that have/do lucid dreams, to whom it still occurs spontaneously = I would like to tear her neck away when she tells it so naively)... so here I am.



I swear that I was given the synthesis talent a couple of Christmas ago, but I don't know in which drawer I left it tonight.
Thank you for surviving until here.

Again, see you here and there in a short time... I wish you golden dreams.

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