Realising I'm dreaming but not becoming fully lucid?

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Realising I'm dreaming but not becoming fully lucid?

Postby Chelse904 » 25 May 2017 00:38

Hi, I'm new here. I've decided to join up because I'm really struggling to break through a barrier and I'm hoping you more knowledgeable guys can help.

I had my first lucid dream when I was about 19. I went to go to my car and realised I didn't have a car and instantly became self aware. Ran over and touched a wall and got so excited I woke up.

Didn't have another lucid dream for many years and sort of fell out of it.

Anyway, roll on 8 years and over the past month I've had 4 semi lucid dreams. I don't really know what brought them on but I'm happy to roll with it.

Couple of examples, first was a sort of nightmare involving an invading alien species. I became aware I was dreaming for an unknown reason and I kept saying to myself that I was dreaming and touching things etc. but I didn't have that immediate clarity and sharpness I experienced the first time years ago. I managed to conjure/imagine boots on my feet but didn't have enough control to change the dream to a meadow to escape the fear of the aliens.

This morning I became lucid again, for an unknown reason. I saw my mother and immediately knew I was dreaming. I had a bit more control over this dream and even managed to fly for a minute or so but it took a huge amount of effort and I kept having a wake up dream within the dream, if that makes sense? I was almost going in and out of lucidity. But again no sharpness and immediate clarity.

Is this normal? I'm really enjoying the dreams anyway as it's always fun to realise you're dreaming but the lack of clarity and full control is really irritating me. Is there anything I can do to push past this?

Thanks in anticipation! :)

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Re: Realising I'm dreaming but not becoming fully lucid?

Postby Dinoponera » 26 May 2017 19:23

Congrats on your progress thus far :D even if it is all spontanious :P
If I had to guess: your subconcious mind is trying to keep you from knowing you're dreaming, so whenever you start to take control and change things it wants to slyly take that control from you.
The "dream within a dream" thing you're expiriencing in commonly called a "false awakening", and they can happen a lot. I would recommend that you look into MILDs (Mnumonic Induced Lucid Dreaming). It'll help you get into the habbit of performing reality checks--especially upon waking--so that you can start to use the false awakenings as a sort of revolving door to get back into a lucid state if you get kicked out.

Clarity is a thing that I personally struggle with too; I've had mixed success with the "clarity now" self command. But as for control, I practice various types of visualizations throughout the day: for scenery, I practice making rooms, buildings, ect. For interactions with my enviroment, I'll practice imagining what doing certain things in day to day life feel like before I actually do them, and compare to see how close I was. The end goal of this being to gain the ability of creating phantom feeling of any action. For me, the skill carries over pretty well in dreams, so maybe it'll be the same for you.

I hope that helps.
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