Looking for an explanation of what's happening

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Looking for an explanation of what's happening

Postby LucidNested » 01 Jun 2017 15:47

Last night I fell asleep on the couch. I had a dream that I woke up on the couch and sat up but couldn't see well, everything was a blur, so I pinched myself on the chin to find out if it would hurt, and it didn't , which made me realize immediately that I was dreaming, so I stood up looked around my living room and everything was the way it was before I fell asleep. I started walking around the living room went to the sliding glass door where I realized there was a very short older man that almost looked deceased standing in the doorway. I open the sliding door and he didn't really try to come in but he did have his head sticking slightly inside the room. My first instinct was to be afraid of him but because I knew I was dreaming I was able to change my feelings and tell myself it was a sign from my father who passed away and I was overcome with comfort. I shut the door then decided it was time to wake up. So instantly I was back laying on the couch telling myself to wake up but I couldn't. I was trying to yell at myself "wake up" but I had no voice and my body wouldn't move. I repeated this attempt to three or four times until I finally woke up irl. Does anyone have any insight on what occurred and why I dream this way so often?

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Re: Looking for an explanation of what's happening

Postby Price » 02 Jun 2017 06:04


I will give you two interpretations.

1. You fell asleep and had a Waking Induced Lucid Dream. You went straight from Awake to Lucid Dream. Often this means that you start your dream from the room you fell asleep in. At first the dream was forming and so it appeared blurry, but then your consciousness got focused on the dream and it solidified.

Then you had your dream. I like your interpretation of it.

Then you tried to wake up, but you were still sleeping. So you had sleep paralysis. This is a common thing that you can read more about. You tried to wake yourself up, but couldn't. There are physical processes that happen to your body when you sleep and you sometimes can't wake up as quick as you think you can. So you felt paralyzed.

2. Interpretation is what is called Astral Projection. That you entered the Astral Realm. Walked around your room, encountered a spirit or astral entity and then tried to wake up, but went into sleep paralysis.

Really the verdict is out and it is really up to your proclivities as to how you want to interpret it. Because we are talking about Subjective Experiences.

Either way this is a good sign and a great entrance into the world of dreaming

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