being buried alive?

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being buried alive?

Postby Nickfan40 » 07 Jun 2017 05:03

I had this dream several years ago:

I was walking through a house that I had never been in before.

I hear scraping noises coming from the basement. When I get to the door, it is to the basement of my own house. I go down to find the source of the scraping noise. I see that it is not my basement, but a mine shaft. I see the source of the noise. I am looking at a man from the back, who is digging up dirt and placing it in a little car on a track.

He looks up and sees me standing there. It's "Freddy" before the people burned him. He is wearing an olive green shirt and brown pants. He grins in a really crazy way. The next thing I know, I am in the little car, looking up at him. He holds a shovelful of dirt and then throws it in my face. I can feel it and taste it in my mouth and I wake up, trying to scream, but only a choking noise comes out.

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