Did I just stumble on a lucid dream, or dream I did?

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Did I just stumble on a lucid dream, or dream I did?

Postby 4130coffs » 22 Jun 2017 03:12

Hi all,

My name's Matt and I've read about lucid dreaming in the past and have been rather fascinated with the concept but never really delved into practically trying to achieve it. I rarely remember my dreams. This is my first post on this forum, apologise if it's a little long-winded!

The other night I was randomly dreaming about something, I was at my old family home.
We used to have this footbridge across a creek to walk across, and in my dream I was running across it (I can't remember why).
It was picture perfect, exactly as I remember it. I swear I could have been looking at a photograph of it.

Thing of it is, it was replaced years ago and since fell down and was washed away in a flood.

At about 2/3rds of the way across it I remember realising this. I said to myself "This bridge fell down years ago, I must be dreaming!"
What then followed was thoughts along the lines of "I must be lucid dreaming, I wonder what I should do?" I remember procrastinating on it and then decided that trying to fly would be appropriate.

I managed to get about 2 metres off the ground and travelled about 50 metres in distance and slowly lost altitude until coming to a stop in long grass - all rather pedestrian and not a "crash" landing per-se.

I then woke up immediately in excitement.

But I wondered, did i actually lucid dream for the very first time, only by chance stumbling upon a dream with an inbuilt reality check I didn't have to work for - or did I just dream that i had a lucid dream?
It has definitely sparked my interest in the subject again!

Thank you kindly for taking the time :)

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Re: Did I just stumble on a lucid dream, or dream I did?

Postby tylucid » 24 Jun 2017 10:11

Hi Matt!
I had a very similar experience this morning. I have been trying to lucid dream for months, and this morning i think i finally did.
I also had a sudden realization that I was dreaming, even tried counting my fingers to be sure (and of course, it went all hazy) and then i finally told myself i was dreaming. Naturally, i told myself to float (just to be extra sure) and what do you know - I was floating. I told myself to keep calm and then i woke up, but couldn't recall anything that happened before i had the realization that i was lucid.
Right now I am still unsure whether i had a brief lucid dream or not, but it still excites me! This has motivated me to keep trying and to keep doing my reality checks every day. ;)


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