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About Toba

Postby Toba » 22 Jul 2017 20:09

Since a child I always had lucid dreams, later often induced via SP. Also sometimes OBE's.
I really learned a lot of things through dreams and dream-figures and never ever used one of the techniques as taught by specialists or as discussed in books or around the internet. I just playfully found out my own ways, sometimes indicated and helped by the people in my dreams. Well, everybody has to find out for themselves what works best, but my consideration is this: we were born naked, without nothing, no tools, no methods, without paper and pencils to keep dream journals, without totems or talismans. So I like to stay free and independant of anything outside my Self. Everything you need you already have. Just relax without hurrying to "get" something or to gain from your dreams. Just be aware, choicelessly aware in daily life as well as in your dream reality and everything will come to you exactly how and when it should.
I really never knew that nowadays there's so much going on about this subject.. I never searched for it because it was all so natural for me.
By coincidence I stumbled upon something about Sleep Paralysis and how to turn it into Lucid Dreams and then discovered that so many people are really involved in this matter.
I'm still learning and finding out so many things about waking and dreaming life that it"s very exciting to discover so much information everywhere.
I consider dreaming and waking reality as one big, complete cycle that's largely interactive and one complementing the other.
Be inquisitive but not aquisitive in your ventures .
Life-motto: ultimate mastership and freedom in all dimensions, according to God's Will and Love.
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Re: About Toba

Postby DreamerMan99 » 05 Aug 2017 03:44

I like your view on things. You are right about being born naked and alone with ourselves. If it works for you, power to ya. Personally, I don't mind using tools, but kudos anyways.
Good luck,
Dream on.

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