An Encounter with my favorite fighter; My first Dream

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An Encounter with my favorite fighter; My first Dream

Postby RedKryptonite » 11 Aug 2017 02:05

Hi Everyone,
I mentioned in my long intro that I plan to share my first non-lucid dream later on,well here it is. It is the first dream I ever wrote in my dream journal and it is what officially started my LD journey. Its really brief but enjoy :)

I met Bas Rutten,my favorite MMA fighter,in a mall. I started talking to him about the last fight I ever got into in high school. I explained the story to him and asked/requested him to analyze and critique my technique in the scuffle. However,the dream ended before I could hear his analysis.


Extra details:
If you don't know who Bas Rutten is,then I would recommend you watch this video of his first fight. It has video commentary by the man himself,so even if you don't normally enjoy watching Sport fighting/ring matches (I certainly don't. I've always preferred the flashy action of anime and movies), you may very well enjoy this and it is very brief. This guy is one charismatic badass:
(You can skip to 2:30 if you want to get to the fight immediately. the fight itself is very short and brief. Oh yeah,don't worry about the opponent. Although it looks like he went into a coma,he actually ends up ok and still had a long MMA career after this.)

Brief explanation about the "last fight I ever got into":

In high school,I was being bullied by the baddest/most feared bully in the school. I was scared as hell,but I defeated him by wrestling/grappling him to the ground until the teachers and others broke our fight up. In the end,the guy apologized to me and we made peace. Nope,that is not a dream,it happened in real life. and to this day,it remains as one of the proudest moments of my life. We are cool with each other now,neither of us got permanently injured. Maybe I'll go into more detail about this someday. :D

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