Please help

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Please help

Postby Bronx7 » 03 May 2012 06:11

I had my first on purpose lucid dream last night since I read all about them, I noticed I had tunnel vision so ya I was dreaming and then I had some false awakenings but in the end I retained my lucidity. I could control my dream but only to some degree like I said to myself let me go to my house and it was my house but some changes. I tried to fly but could only go so far like I was being dragged back down, I had dreams where this happened in the past too. Finally I heard that you can talk to your subconscious so I wanted to try that so I said to my self let me talk to my subconscious and it was like a hologram of my self with the word Gum under it and he was saying like bad things about me and then someone that looked like me said that's not really your subconscious don't listen to him, idk it was weird. Any insight on any of this much appreciated thank you.

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Re: Please help

Postby Jovan » 07 May 2012 20:46

It's a dream. Strange things will happen. Some things are symbolic, some are not. I'm not an expirienced lucid dreamer since I had my first longer LDs just few days ago so I can't realy say you much. But if you hadn't been able to control your dream, it's most likely that you weren't fully lucid. Anyway, don't worry too much.
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