Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

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Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Postby iShan85 » 16 Feb 2017 16:02

So I have suffered from sleep paralysis since I was 14. At the time the experience terrified me and for years afterwards it still terrified me. The experience has diminished over time, now maybe a few times a year. I still feel the panic and fear but recently when I find myself in a sleep paralysis state I tell myself "great its happening again....wake up!" Then I awake. After meditating a couple times I would also like to see where lucid dreaming can take me.

I suppose my question is since I experience sleep paralysis does this mean lucid dreaming will be easy for me to cultivate or will I just enhance my chances of sleep paralysis? My assumption is that the two go hand in hand. I was just wondering how to avoid the sleep paralysis aspect or how to learn to turn the feeling of dread and panic into a pleasant lucid dream.

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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Postby jasmine2 » 18 Feb 2017 02:44

I recommend website - Dream Studies Portal -
Hosted by Ryan Hurd

Scroll to bottom of home page - click - Read the blog
Then click tab - "Sleep paralysis" (about 20 informative articles)

See especially articles -
- "How to encourage sleep paralysis as a gateway to extraordinary dreaming"

- "9 ways to wake up from sleep paralysis"

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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Postby yuku » 31 May 2017 00:14

There is a survey research study on sleep paralysis with or without lucid dreaming ..if interested you may find out more and participate at this link:

Thanks Much!

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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Postby jenniferever » 27 Jun 2017 22:40

I also suffer from chronic sleep paralysis my whole life, it terrifies me every time it happens still, depending on if I can wake up or not. I have only had 2 lucid moments, one of them a dream, but so far they happen independent of the sleep paralysis. I did not find the lucid dreaming terrifying at all, on the contrary, it is very fulfilling to have a positive 'aware' experience when your plagued with constantly bad things otherwise.
There are some articles on this page that talk about the hypnagogic state and how that can be facilitated to enter lucid dreaming. I find this state (when you are falling asleep and might hallucinate) only leads to worse sleep paralysis, and I focus only on lucid dreaming independently.
Wish I could help.

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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Postby Xanous » 27 Aug 2017 16:06

You are lucky. I too have suffered from SP all through my life but it wasnt until I discovered lucid dreaming that I realized it was a gift and not something to be afraid of. The next time you pu find yourself in sleep paralysis dont fight it. Relax and give into the sensations for a bit then try to move your dream body and rise out of bed. It may feel strange, awkward and sluggish at first but you'll soon see its just one of many ways to lucidly enter the dream world. My episodes of SP end up being what some call out of body experiences but its my belief that this is just another form of lucid dreaming. Just remember, do the opposite of fight it. Relax and welcome it. There is nothing to fear. I have done this countless times. You absolutely can turn the feelings of dread and fear into a beautiful experience.

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