Blown up, then a strange Afterlife

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Blown up, then a strange Afterlife

Postby goldenrose » 23 Sep 2017 05:26

I'm in the car with my family. For some reason, I'm in the back seat, but don't question this. We are talking about death and life after death. At some point, I say that I'm not afraid of death. My family asserts that everyone is afraid of death, that the fear is inevitable. This leads to someone handing me a bomb to see whether or not I will freak out. I try to diffuse it, but nothing works. I realize I'm about to die. There is no fear, but a sadness for leaving my loved ones behind.

The bomb detonates and I'm in excruciating pain, my flesh searing. This pain only lasts a few seconds but turns into an immense pressure, like I'm being squeezed from all sides. There is also no sound except for white noise. It feels like I'm breaking apart.

Suddenly I'm somewhere else and a woman at a desk is asking me something. I ignore her and look around to see I'm in some sort of old mansion that has been converted into a group home or something. There are people of all ages shuffling around the lobby, looking just as confused as I am.

Someone calls out to go to a certain room for answers. I follow the voice to an old-school classroom, wooden desks and all. I'm the last to sit down. I suddenly realize something is not right about this. I perform a reality check by trying to push my fingers through my palm. It doesn't work the first time, but when I will it to happen the second time, they push through. Sadly, instead of becoming lucid, I consider the past dream events and conclude that I am dead.

There is an instructor trying to explain the reason for all of us being here when I interrupt to ask if I'm dead. He narrows his eyes at me and slowly says yes. More curious than afraid, I start asking him a slew of questions about the nature of this afterlife and the astral plane. He ushers me out of the classroom and urgently tells me to stop asking questions. I ignore his demands in lieu of exploring the rest of the house.

I find something strange in the basement. A bunch of huge, bowl like crystalline structures are all lined up. I somehow know these are people's life cores. Everyone has five. Upon finding mine, I see two of them are smashed in, broken.

More happens after this but it's typical dream stuff (a huge godzilla-like monster and all that). I mostly found the concept of experiencing a form of death, the instructor's strange behavior, and the symbolism of life cores interesting. This was a very vivid dream.
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Re: Blown up, then a strange Afterlife

Postby CodenameHaswell » 03 Oct 2017 15:15

Very interesting!

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