Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

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Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

Postby Jgazzy » 28 Jun 2017 06:56

I wanted to ask this question to see if anyone can relate to me and maybe give me some insight.

I've been lucid dreaming for years now. It's one of my favorite things to do. But everytime I try to fly up towards the sky, something stops me or gra s me and pulls me back down.

I was having an Astral projection type dream, I left my body in bed and went for a walk around my apartment. I went out on the balcony and looked up, everything looked so peaceful and felt so calming. I decided I was going to go exploring. So I jumped up on the rail and started flying up. Something had grabed my foot and dragged me back into my apartment. This thing was a black shadow and I have never felt such terror and dread rush over me before. It dragged me across my living room floor until I kicked free and woke myself up.

Another time I tried again to fly towards the stars. And then once agan, everything was peaceful and quiet and then out of nowhere thousands of bats came pouring down on me and we're biting me and scratching me and stopping me from getting any further.

Another time, a dark shadow man in a fedora type hat stood in my way when the thought of flying towards the sky popped into my head. He gave off such an evil vibe that I just wanted to turn around and leave the whole senario.

I just want to reach the damn stars and it's pretty frustrating. Anyone else have any similar experiences?

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Re: Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

Postby IvoryPavo » 28 Jun 2017 13:28

I've been restrained by darker entities before. I haven't had very many lucid dreams but I've had enough to know what you're talking about.

When I first started trying I felt many persons watching me, some benign, some less kind. I've felt that same terror but I usually resorted to fleeing and waking myself up with a start. One time the restraint went so far as a possession, and I was stuck in a mindset that wasn't my own; it was a very dark time.

Another issue with restraints may be the location, as well as what you attract. It's certainly trying in my home because the place is so rich with activity. Many things pass through, and while I mostly attract more peaceful beings there's the odd chance of a dark character wandering in for a quick, dreadful visit.

As far as preventing it, I found that perseverance helped me most. I now guard myself whenever I try lucid dreaming and less dangers have approached me. I still see frightening things but I can't be touched - the only challenge is following through with my objective and keeping my guard up, which starts to waver when I begin to feel fear. If I ever begin to doubt myself then I retreat. I'm very cautious, hah.

Again, I've not had very many lucid dreams, but I understand what you're feeling. My best advice is for you to guard yourself ... heavily. I'm truly sorry if that doesn't suffice, or if you're already doing that and I'm of no help, but I figured I'd share my understanding. :)
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Re: Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

Postby naturespirit » 03 Jul 2017 13:55

Sounds like you need to simply touch up on Dream control. Approach flying with a positive and fresh mind and don't think about being restrained. Do not worry as the subconscious quits these bizarre ideas fairly quickly. Start off slowly and rework your dream control.
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Re: Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

Postby erichsa » 03 Jul 2017 16:17

We are all different but your closing sentence:" I just want to reach the damn stars and it's pretty frustrating. Anyone else have any similar experiences?" seems to be the answer. I find that my waking life and thoughts reflexes in my dreams. I hope you will reach the stars. :)

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Re: Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

Postby Scoutabout888 » 09 Oct 2017 23:39

I have had the same experience in lucid dreams. My first encounter was with the hat man in the trench coat...I was flying and he grabbed my waist in the air and kept squeezing tighter and tighter until I forced myself to wake up. My waist hurt after I woke. Another time I flew out of my bedroom window with the intention to fly up out into space when all of a sudden my wrists had chains on them. When I looked down to where the chains led to, it was a dark shadow/hat man again pulling the chains down toward him. I tried to tell myself he is not going to stop me and imagine the chains breaking off but it didn’t work. Instead I was being dragged down toward him and so I decided to wake up as i am still undecided whether to face this entity or not. I don’t know what the consequences may be...

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Re: Entities stopping you from flying to the universe

Postby LDer Charles » 18 Oct 2017 18:01

I don't think anything in any of these realms is anything to fear or require protection from. I have heard a lot of these kinds of things and my perspective on the whole situation is the everything out there that appears to be evil or scary or antagonistic to me is probably a fractured or wounded or repressed part of myself.

For example I flew in a lucid dream two nights ago and I felt something coming and sure enough it started attacking me and I shielded myself for a bit and then eventually I want to waking up as it threatened to crush me with its arms. This doesn't really bother me much though because probably my desire to fly could have had some escapism so the entity that I perceived as evil or quote unquote bringing me down might have been a part of me that's trying to get me to take care of things on the ground and doesn't want me just flying away and being irresponsible.

Of course that appears antagonistic to me but I guess it means it's something I need to integrate instead of trying to press ignore or avoid. I know for me I have a lot of repressed anger and repressed sexuality so in the dream or astral realm these things will probably appear to me as demons or dark energy because that's how I've been conditioned to think about them but I decided not to try to block or protect myself from anything and instead anything I come across to try to integrate to the best of my ability

I used to be in a sort of belief system that did a lot of demon protection prayers and crap like that and I think that's really bad for a mental and emotional health because those demons are just normal natural parts of the self such as anger or sexuality or wanting money or whatever and I think if I launch control in the dream world and in the regular world without quote-unquote entities blindsiding me or possessing me that I need to actually work with those Energies add integrate them onto me and a healthy way.

Earlier this year I was doing some meditations and I kept seeing black and of these come to me and it seemed like they were trying to get into my body and so I tried to stop them and different stuff like that and now when I see a black energy I just sort of let it come into me just as if it were a white energy and that's because I think that's just a part of me that I'm trying to repress and I'll be able to be a lot healthier if I'm not so averse to things like that. So now when I do meditations I see black and dancing around me I'm just going to let them in because the more I try to repress them the stronger they ever come back or they lined up communicating to me through other people in my life
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