How to Turn Sleep Paralysis into Lucid Dreaming

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How to Turn Sleep Paralysis into Lucid Dreaming

Postby billygoat123 » 03 Dec 2017 15:00

I’ve never successfully had a WILD before, but tonight I came as close as I have ever gotten. I relaxed my body, and think I felt what was sleep paralysis. I felt a slight pressure on the area between the bottom of my chest and the top of my stomach and my heartbeat was racing really fast for no reason. It is probably worth noting my eyes were not open in sleep paralysis, but still did not feel like anything was in the room, just fast heartbeat and slight chest pressure but my head felt 100% awake. I felt slightly afraid and may have heard a noise downstairs, but throughout the process I wasn’t breathing too fast and I never hallucinated. Once the process ended, I just felt stuck in place but my brain was awakened because I used all my energy to not freak out in sleep paralysis.

After 5 minutes my mind felt fully awake and I never went into hypnogogia I just woke up. What did I do wrong? How can I turn sleep paralysis into a lucid dram?

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