Weed and lucid dreaming

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Weed and lucid dreaming

Postby Watte » 28 Mar 2018 05:51

i like weed and i heard alot about it that smokeing weed when you want to learn lucid dreaming isnt good but from my experience i had alot of vivid lucid dreams so far... and after i smoke i do WBTB i stay up for one hour and i like to meditate in that hour and the meditation is nice after wakeing up from a smoke session anyways when i go back to sleep i instantly go lucid and sometimes i even had days where i chained lucid dream after lucid dream with DEILD like 4 lucid dreams in one night... damn :D what im trying to say is that in my opinion smokeing weed 2-3 hours befor sleeping isnt bad i even go that far to say that it helps MAYBE im an exception i dont know but you can try it

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Re: Weed and lucid dreaming

Postby starsofclay » 28 Mar 2018 13:06

I also have vivid dreams and sometimes get lucid after smoking. It technically is supposed to help open the third eye... But it also seems like the awareness is dumbed down a little too much. It also seems that the night after, if I don't smoke, I have crappy dreams and awareness, but this gets better with each night of not smoking.

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Re: Weed and lucid dreaming

Postby LDer Charles » 28 Mar 2018 18:09

If you look on youtube for "weed and lucid dreaming" (or just around message boards) there are definitely at least a few discussions about it. I don't drink alcohol or take any drugs, so I don't know. But I'm just saying if you want to hear what other people have said about it, try searching for more of those threads or discussions. They might have some useful insights about it.

My only thought is that people can build tolerance to any substance, so what happens then? They might have to cut back and go through a cycle where things are "down" a little bit. But even people who don't use alcohol or substances have ups and downs.

Also, if you did start to sense that marijuana might be detrimental to your lucid dreaming practices, or other areas of your life, would you be able to quit or moderate your use?

It is like caffeine. Caffeine actually harms a lot of people. But really, no one is capable of quitting, even if they wanted to. so, even the "scientists" who do "studies" look for evidence so they can go on believing the lie that caffeine is beneficial. It is all really because they can't quit, even if they try. Caffeine is so ridiculously addictive that it makes people think that way. You might disagree with me about caffeine, but could you quit if you wanted to? "Oh, sure I could, but I have no reason to try..." :)
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