Any ways to use sleep paralysis to my benefit?

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Any ways to use sleep paralysis to my benefit?

Postby sourcegamer101 » 08 Apr 2018 04:32

I get this quite frequently, and as anybody knows and has had it in the past, its a terrifying experience and hard to break out of. What I have found is sleep paralysis for me always occurs as i wake up, so its predictable in a sense where i know that that's the only time it happens. I'm new here, and most of the lucid dreams I have are usually random or by accident. However, if i do have a lucid dream, they're most likely to occur in this period where I wake up into sleep paralysis and fall back asleep, and its always a very high chance too.

Like I said before however, SP is terrifying and often I just want it to end and i will end up forcing myself awake out of the sheer terror and uncontrollable nature of sleep paralysis. I was wondering from those who have experience with chronic SP, if they have ways to control it, or can somehow use it as a "bridge" into getting back into the dream world, as when in it i often panic and have no way to cope with the terror unless I thrash myself awake.

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Re: Any ways to use sleep paralysis to my benefit?

Postby LDer Charles » 09 Apr 2018 17:55

Hi sourcegamer101! sorry to hear about the terrifying experiences. I have had my share of those. Initially I would try to snap out of it, but now I will usually just relax when they occur. I try to have a sense of confidence that whatever it is can't truly harm me.

In terms of turning SP into an LD: I initially discovered lucid dreaming after a "night terror". They said that "SP"(sleep paralysis) could be used to enter a lucid dream. Like it was the "gateway". That was in 2012. When I researched further into LD in 2017 and up until now, I found that although SP can be part of the WILD (wake initiated lucid dream) procedure, it doesn't always have to be. Or, at least, night terrors don't always have to be.

Sleep paralysis is actually important because if we didn't get sleep paralysis, we would physically act out our dreams. This is a REM disorder called sleep walking. Most sleep paralysis isn't the ominous or terrifying kind, and we're not usually conscious for it. But sleep paralysis itself is very normal and natural.

I would recommend searching for "WILD Tutorials" and reading up on the relationship between "WILD" and "Sleep Paralysis". Or watching/listening to youtube videos if you prefer.

Here are 3 search search strings you could put into google...

WILD lucid dreaming sleep paralysis

WILD without sleep paralysis

Night terrors lucid dreaming learn more. I checked them out and all the first articles that come up look good. A lot of them I've already visited. What is said among those articles seems to be the current consensus about sleep paralysis within lucid dreaming.
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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Re: Any ways to use sleep paralysis to my benefit?

Postby Xiaome » 11 Apr 2018 18:12

Very interesting case! Tell us what happened next? How do you feel?

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