Sadness of dreams

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Sadness of dreams

Postby Suicideking » 18 Apr 2018 04:54

So hey I'm new but I have been vivid all my life. I have been suffering from vivid dreams. So apparently I'm not an expert
I dream of attacks animals, friends family
,dying muder end of the world you name it but I know it's not real but I watch myself and feel the pain .... it hurts i scream i know im dreaming but the pain feels real I can barely breath once consciousness arrives.
. Sometimes I can't even work or play sports the day after the worse is when I decide if I scream hard enough in my sleep that someone will hopefully hear me and will wake me up .... I feel I ran a marathon covered in sweat, usually at the third try of "fake waking up" to my self like screaming in a whisper which is odd . I want to have great dreams but I feel I can't sleep unless I take something
I'm stuck in the vivid and hate it. I can get stuck for over 17 hours on my worse

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Re: Sadness of dreams

Postby JDneon » 18 Apr 2018 11:33

I think you have reached a point where you are afraid of dreaming,maybe even sleeping because you expect that happening.

You need to relax,stressing yourself is not going to help you it will just make things worse.
Sometimes I can't even work or play sports the day after
you think about it too much the pain might feel real i get it,but remember nothing can hurt you while you are dreaming not physically at least,you might feel disturbed after waking up but just brush it off because it is just a dream.

It used to happen to me when i was younger,i had a dream where i would fall from a mountain and hit the ground while having the worst falling feeling ever and feeling the impact,and another one where a horse crushes me and i feel the pain,i kept having this 2 dreams a lot when i was younger,but when you have the same dream over and over again you know what's coming,that's why i developed the strength to wake up whenever something bad is happening or is about to happen in a dream.

Do the same thing,you basically said you know you are dreaming
the worse is when I decide if I scream hard enough in my sleep that someone will hopefully hear me and will wake me up
focus on that instead of trying to scream(that never helps)try waking up,it is more simple then you might think,it might take some time but you will be able to pull it off.
Remember nothing can physically hurt you while you are dreaming,so just keep training you won't get hurt,you feeling weaker after a dream or hurt is just you putting too much thought onto it inducing a nocebo effect basically the contrary to a placebo effect.

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Re: Sadness of dreams

Postby LDer Charles » 18 Apr 2018 14:42

hi Suicideking! Welcome to the forum. When I got my night terror, I looked up how to stop having night mares like that. And it said to just start writing my dreams and tell someone about them, or at least tell someone about the worst ones. So I would say just try to write about them and tell someone. The closer someone you can tell, the better, but even if you just write them online, it could help.

Sorry to hear you're going through all that. It sounds pretty horrible to be honest. I don't think I've experienced dreams that bad. But I hope that your dream life gets better!

You probably already know this, but you don't deserve to have such brutal dreams. You didn't "do anything evil in a past life" and you didn't do anything in this life to warrant such a hellish condition. But there are a lot of out moded beliefs about a punishing "g-o-d" that still float around that might have to do with your experience. So you have to replace a punishing "g-o-d" with a loving "g-o-d" (if you want to use the word "g-o-d" at all which I hesitate to do). So basically you are a good person and not someone who deserves this kind of punishment.

If you want to know who deserves to be punished with hellish dreams like you are having, its anyone who abuses children, and refuses to stop. (IE Circumcizers) So send all your hellish dreams to some child abuser or circumcizer and don't let them shift their karma onto you any more.
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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