demanding CLARITY not working

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demanding CLARITY not working

Postby star.gazer » 17 May 2018 11:50

I'm not a LD expert, though I've had a couple of LD in the last months (I sort of sporadically try to have LD :roll: ). I had one last night and wanted to ask about your experience with demanding clarity. If I am LD-ing, usually the surroundings get dark after a while. It happened to me more than once in a LD that when I demand CLARITY, it works only for a sew seconds or my voice is strangled/suffocated - I can't speak it out loud, as if I had a sore throat (for lack of comparision :( ). Tonight I managed to make the dream clear by spinning and changing the scene but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this or a theory why it could be happening..?
Thanks :D

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Sean Jacobs
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Re: demanding CLARITY not working

Postby Sean Jacobs » 17 May 2018 12:44

Hello star.gazer.

When you are in a lucid dream everything that happens is dependent on your expectations. If you expect things to happen they will. If you have any doubts it can cause your demand to fail. So, deeply understanding that you have absolute control of your dream...really feeling it emotionally...can help a great deal.

Try this next time you are lucid: Say out loud "This is my dream and I have complete control! Increase clarity!" ... and really feel it, really believe it. You do have absolute control in your dreams you can manipulate anything, you can do anything. Practice this in real life, like role playing, when you do some of your reality checks.

The only other issue would be if your dream is ending. If you are physically waking up things will fade out and it is extremely difficult to prevent this from happening.

I hope this helps.
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Re: demanding CLARITY not working

Postby SpaceTimeBadass » 12 Jul 2018 19:34

I feel the above answer is pretty good for solving this. I agree expectation/belief is very important in getting results with control in lucid dreams. The whole "Clarity now" thing probably only worked to begin with because you had heard that it works and, because of this, you believed that it would. Had you never heard of this, clarity now would probably do nothing. How often do you use the word clarity? There's probably not much associated meaning with the word in your mind, so demanding it seems pretty hollow from that perspective. Sort of like how people putting "lucid dream" in their MILD affirmations kind of don't really work for beginners because, by my estimation, they have no context for lucidity, no real experience of what a lucid dream is, so something like "I will lucid dream tonight" as a mantra tends to be useless without having first gone lucid. Also, this is likely what happens with OBEs/APs because they're induced the same way as WILD.

Clarity now is nothing more than a mental device used to give brief success to new dreamers. It's a trick, basically. Now, it's time for you to learn how to really start affecting the dream. The above comment, again, gets to the heart of this. I wanted to add something that might help your issue with speaking commands. First, you can do commands telepathically. But, failing that, if you can't speak in a dream or something's weird, what I do is to first "find my mouth". Dreams render things as they are seen, it seems. So if I look at a chair, look away, and look back, there will be differences the next time. Nothing is static, not even necessarily the idea that you even have a mouth or a voice. So, any of these mouth/speaking issues, I simply make myself aware of my mouth in the dream. Touch it, lick your lips, give a chomp, clear your throat, give a few hums. Make that mouth work by unveiling it, then use it to work for you. Or, if you are mouthless and can't get it to work, go with it and try the mental commands

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