stranger than reality

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stranger than reality

Postby jenery » 01 Jun 2012 11:05

Hello everyone,

so I have recently started to put some real effort to learn how to become lucid in my dreams... I have started my dream journal again and i am currently logging about 2/3 dreams every night that i can remember and write down upon awakening. In the past ten days I have completely stopped with any alcohol or cannabis use and my memory of the dreams is improving daily. I am trying to remember to do reality checks as often as possible, asking the question Am i dreaming at least 10 times a day plus sometimes reminding myself that this is just a dream few times a day as well... My dreams have become more real {if it is the way how to describe them}, like that my mind does not want me to recognize the strange things that would be happening in my dreams and that could probably trigger my lucidity? Now to the thing that happened to me tonight... The dream log starts how my wife have come to me to tell me something about some stuff that we were doing together in a lucid dream, she is saying that we are telepatic?!? I started to apologize that i was sick in my dream, really unwell. The dream was taking place in my home village, i was walking from my grand parents house to my parents house but somewhere on the way i have come to a street that is not a part of my city. In that moment I have become severely impaired like if i was really heavy drunk or maybe on acid, just could not walk straight, could not make more than a few steps in one direction, my head spinning, really i was stuck in there, than someone or something came to rescue me... I am not sure which one happened first, speaking with my wife or me being sick in the dream... Just would like to know if this could be a part of the process when learning to lucid dream? Anyway i have no recollection of a dream when i would ever feel sick or drunk or even high ever before... Thanks for your time and pls let me know if i am on the right path and this is just another step, because it has really shaken me up this morning... Thanks again

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Re: stranger than reality

Postby torakrubik » 01 Jun 2012 23:16

That sounds unusual, but it could well be just an unusually vivid dream. The only other explanation i could think of is possible withdrawal symptoms from the alcohol and/or cannabis?
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