how can love in dream !! free

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how can love in dream !! free

Postby mego » 04 Jun 2012 13:31

Obviously this thread has been done before, but I think it needs refreshing.

Most, if not all of us, have probably "fallen in love" with someone in a dream, waking up wishing we were back in the dream, when later, we wonder at our infatuation. Some of us have dream after dream about the same person. And some of us have even lucidly fallen in love. Besides being an interesting experience (or strange if you have a wife) there are times where waking up is a literal nightmare, a paradise lost. I thought it might be interesting to hear some stories of this, and of people who literally have someone to look forward to at night. To further deepen the discussion, is lucidly falling in love a healthy or safe way to enjoy your nights?

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Re: how can love in dream !! free

Postby torakrubik » 05 Jun 2012 00:23

The emotions can be so strong in these kinds of dream i remember seeing an old friend who i hadn't seen in months, and felt so happy :)
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