some theories on inducing lucid dreams, come discuss...

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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some theories on inducing lucid dreams, come discuss...

Postby tofur99 » 05 Jun 2012 23:39

hey all, I'm new here and have some theories I'd love to bounce off you knowledgeable persons!!

So one theory is that subconscious beliefs can play a large role in the experiencing of lucid dreams, both in regards to vividness and frequency. So for example, if someone un-knowingly programs a belief (maybe after failing a few times to induce a lucid dream) that "It's hard to lucid dream", or "man, I just can't lucid dream". Could that belief hinder them?

On the flip side, if one was able to program new beliefs, would "I lucid dream all the time" manifest at night in the form of lots of lucid dreams? Of course having beliefs to the contrary that are emotionally charged would keep it from happening, but lets say someone is emotionally and belief-ly(?) neutral in regards to lucid dreams. Does believing and expecting to lucid dream at night play a large role in actually gaining lucidity?

also, if one believed they remember to do reality checks all the time, especially when they're dreaming, wouldn't that aide becoming lucid? On the other hand, if one feels deep down that they won't remember to do reality checks when they're asleep(for whatever reason, pre-conceived notions, beliefs, etc), will that hinder their progress?

I'm not saying beliefs are the only thing, obviously dream recall and doing reality checks are important, but my theory is that believing you recall dreams every night might go a long way to making it happen, and concurrently believing you never recall dreams or that it's hard to will produce exactly that. What do you think?

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