False Awakening Nightmare

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False Awakening Nightmare

Postby Hahnx111 » 14 Jun 2011 07:11

I have been lucid dreaming all my life without ever knowing there was actually a term for what I could do. When I awoke, I would tell my friends and family all about the dreams I had and how I had full control throughout them. I told one friend about this and he said, "Oh, so you can lucid dream?" I was excited to find out that a lot of research has been done on the topic (though a little disappointed to find out my abilities were not unique).

One problem I had was during nightmares. I have a lot of false awakenings, which can be terrifying if you keep waking up in the same nightmare. After reading more about lucid dreaming, I realized I could take complete control of dreams. Sure I could just make whatever is attacking me disappear, but what is the fun in that when the possibilities are endless? Here is one example where I took control and ended a nightmare.

I watched the movie I am Legend before I went to bed. That night, I had a dream that I was the last human being on the planet. In the movie Omega Man (one of the basis for I am Legend) the main character SPOILER ends up being crucified by the night stalkers (or vampires in that movie). I dreamed that these beings were after me hell-bent on crucifying me. I realized I was dreaming, so I attempted to just get out of the dream and wake myself up. When I awoke, I was, in fact, still dreaming and the creatures were even closer. This false awakening happened three times in a row, each time I was one step closer to being crucified. I was terrified I felt like I could do nothing to stop them from getting hold of me.

After the third false awakening, I decided to take action. I focused on the ground, rubbed my hands together, and then hovered off the ground. This time I had taken full control of my abilities. I hovered off the ground until I was about twenty feet in the air. At least one hundred of these creatures were right on top of me. I ceased their movement by extending my palm toward them. They froze in their tracks, unable to move while my palm was open toward them.

I spread my arms out and raised them into the air. The creatures were lifted higher off the ground the further I spread my arms. I turned my palms inward and the creatures were tilted in the air in two separate groups. I rotated my hands until their heads matched up and clapped my hands together. The creatures were crushed against one another. I separated my hands and clenched my fists. The creatures burst into flames and vanished.

The nightmare ended, and I spent the rest of my dream flying around in a fantasy landscape.

I always had control of my dreams, but after doing more research on lucid dreaming, I was finally able to take control of my nightmares and gain powers in my dreams that I never had before. Now, I am testing myself to the limit every time I dream. The great part is I am dreaming, so the limits are endless!

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