newbie in need of help!

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newbie in need of help!

Postby ddddarraghxo0 » 15 Jun 2012 13:39

Hi everyone :) Ok I'm really struggling to understand this whole concept of lucid dreaming and I'm in desperate need to figure it out. The other day while intoxicated I was with my friend, who was sober, and there seems to be two completely different stories about what happened. He's telling me I had a "vivid dream" (which when looking up it seems as though vivid is just another word for lucid). I remember almost everything perfectly. Down to the very pressure I felt during certain times. The reason I'm doubting his whole theory of a lucid dream is because it correlates with reality too much. His story is that he wasn't with me for long; he said he helped me into my house, took me upstairs into my room, I got sick, and then flopped into bed and fell asleep and he walked downstairs and left by himself as I layed in bed asleep wearing a tank top and my sweats that I was wearing earlier in the day. However, my mind is telling me almost the exact opposite. I remember being with him for at least an hour. The part that is tripping me out is the fact that the parts he's saying are a "dream" seemed to have really happened. He's saying that I dreamed that I changed into my nightgown, went downstairs, opened my window, talked to him, and went outside. When I woke up, just as my "dream" went, I was changed into the same exact nightgown I was wearing in this "vivid dream", the same window I opened in this "vivid dream" was open, and my door was opened just as I had left it in this "vivid dream" and the clothes I was wearing were in the same exact place that I just so happened to throw them in this "vivid dream" he keeps saying I had. I remember everything. The conversations we had, what actually happened, where it happened, how it happened for the most part. I even texted my friends talking about everything that had happened. He's telling me this is all a coincidence but I just can't believe it. The reason this is so important because if I didn't have a lucid dream, that unfortunately means I made a really big mistake and cheated on my boyfriend. It's driving me insane and I really just want to find out the truth. Is there anyway all of this is a coincidence? Was this really a lucid dream? Or is my friend just using that as a coverup for our real life mistake? Please help me!

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Re: newbie in need of help!

Postby dreamerinmiami » 15 Jun 2012 22:09

well if everything was exactly how it was in the "dream" then it really happened. thats enough evidence for me. you were just very drunk and it seemed like a dream the following day.
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