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New Here

Postby MikeCirka » 29 Jun 2012 19:57

New to the forums, and though I've known about LD for a while, I'm just starting now to really try and learn to do it. Haven't had any success achieving lucidity yet (Not intentionally, anyways. I have achieved lucidity randomly within dreams twice before, however only briefly before waking), but since trying to, I've found I've had much better dream recall (Often don't remember a single thing about my dreams, but have managed to recall most of my dreams in great detail over the past couple of nights). I've also tried to WILD a few times, and I almost did it once, but got freaked out when my hands and feet started to go numb. I read up and found out that that's just sleep paralysis setting in, but it was too late...

Anyways, hello everyone!

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Re: New Here

Postby Peter » 30 Jun 2012 09:11

Hi and welcome
Who are you I asked, the reply "dont be silly, we are your daughers" many years before they were born

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