I tend to perform Parlor Tricks when I am lucid. How about U

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I tend to perform Parlor Tricks when I am lucid. How about U

Postby HAGART » 07 Jul 2012 21:06

When I become lucid and am with people I tend to perform parlor tricks or parlor magic to entertain my dream characters.

It feels good to have a super power and get "oohs and awws" from people. I sometimes levitate objects or use the 'force' and draw something to my hand. Or I will conjure a beer from the ground and pass it to somebody.

It's fun to do, and it feels great. It probably strokes my ego or something. But I do this a lot and wonder if others experience the same. Or what is your superpower?

I can make objects move and appear, but I cannot create lightning or firebolts from of my hands. I don't fly much either. I am a water and earth bender and I like to entertain with those. I think I just posed 2 topics here, 1- do you like to perform magic for dream characters?, 2- what is your power, what comes naturally to you?

And what do I mean by water and earth bending?... I got that from The Last Avatar. It's based on folklore, but I would say I am a water and earth type of person in my dreams and perhaps my personality is too if there is any element of truth to that eastern philosophy.
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Re: I tend to perform Parlor Tricks when I am lucid. How abo

Postby Ryan » 08 Jul 2012 18:21

My usual activity is "flying".
I absolutely LOVE flying. :)
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