"What's on the Table?" Game

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"What's on the Table?" Game

Postby rdubya » 22 Jun 2011 17:51

Hey all,

So some of you may be familiar with the Remote Viewing practice game of "What's in the box?", but I would like to try it out with fellow Lucid Dreamers with "What's on the Table?"

If anyone would like to join in, here is how it works.

1: Pick a table that won't be disturbed for weeks at a time.
2: Clear everything on it.
3: Pick an object, any size.(as long as it fits on the table!)
4: Place the object on the table!

Yup, it is that easy. Now how do you win? Well, in order to play the game, you must have an object on your table.(Well you don't have to, but it allows more people to join in) Then, when others have posted that they have an object on their table, try traveling to their table in your Lucid Dream. Then, in your dream, tell us what you see on their table!

Now I know some of you may not believe this to be possible, but let me ask you this, what do you have to lose by trying?

I have not been able to do this with a Lucid Dream yet as I do not have enough control to change my scene, but I am working on it!

However, with my meditation practices and focus on Lucid Dreaming, my Remote Viewing has greatly improved. I am playing "What's in the box" with a friend of mine and I am learning which messages are from my imagination and which ones are from other realms. I am getting more accurate with each attempt, it is really fun and exciting to see your results IMPROVE!

It is just like a sport, when you learn how to dribble a basketball, the next step is to do so with your head up, and eventually dribbling with both hands. This is fun and challenging stuff, I hope others join in!

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Re: "What's on the Table?" Game

Postby Rebecca » 23 Jun 2011 01:49

Hey, that's an interesting challenge!

I read about another lucid dreamer doing this experiment (Ed Kellogg maybe) with interesting results. I am yet to see proof of lucid dream telepathy myself or anything like that but I agree it is definitely fun to try. I will start by putting an object on a table in my office (hint: it's not office equipment).

If you travel to my house in New Zealand in a lucid dream and see the table, tell me what you saw on it! I would also be interested to know if you can describe my house too. First correct answer wins a copy of my book and quite possibly, a Nobel Prize :D

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Re: "What's on the Table?" Game

Postby rdubya » 23 Jun 2011 16:01

I have read all sorts of interesting results, more with Remote Viewing though. But as all things I have read it has some saying it has not been proven and others saying it has been proven, so I thought why not find out for myself!

I won't have anything on my table until I am done moving. I know you can't hurt yourself in Lucid Dreaming, but with the way my place is now you just might be the first!

I'll see what I can do with the object. I can't seem to leave my subconscious in Lucid Dreaming. As soon as I think I have I'll be giving New Zealand a visit!

It is a harmless experiment so I hope others try to join in!

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Re: "What's on the Table?" Game

Postby StarFox » 24 Jun 2011 20:06

Hmm this sounds fun I would like to try this but first I need to actually stay in a lucid dream for more than a split second haha.

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Re: "What's on the Table?" Game

Postby Peter » 24 Jun 2011 21:20

In this game, you are welcome to visit my house and my table

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