Creating the perfect dream character(s)

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Creating the perfect dream character(s)

Postby Guitar48300 » 07 Jul 2012 20:27

The next time I get a lucid dream, im hoping to see a few characters in my dream, but id like to know how I can make them be the way I want them to. I understand how to make a dream character appear, I just would like to make sure they are performing correctly in the dream when they appear.

Here are my wants/concerns:

1. They're just there: I know some characters are supposed to help me somehow in a lucid dream, whether it's become lucid or tell/show me what they represent. But after im done talking with that DC I want to dismiss them and find/make characters that dont help me with my lucid dreams. They dont represent anything(except a character I like), they dont talk about lucid dreaming what-so-ever, they're just a person/character that I brought into the dream to be part of the plot.

2. Correct Behavior: Ok, so most of time I try to lucid dream, I plan to find characters from a movie, tv show or video game I like, and when I see them I expect them to act the way the character is supposed to act. Example: Let's say I want to meet Sora from Kingdom Hearts in my dream. I want him to do/say stuff that Sora would. So my questions are: Will dream characters act correctly on their own? and can DCs accidently have mood swings?

3. Memory: When I meet a certain character will they already know who I am, or do I have to introduce myself the first time I see them? And after my first dream with them, will they remember me the next time I see them in my dream? If they dont remember me the 2nd(and so on) time we meet how do I make them remember?

4. Free will: I dont want my DCs to be in my total control. Id like them to have their own free will. Do dream characters automaticlly get their own free will or do I have to give it to them?

Thank you for reading and any answers you have for the questions I've posted :)
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Re: Creating the perfect dream character(s)

Postby torakrubik » 07 Jul 2012 21:34

1. No reason why you can't do this. Occasionally your SC may take control of your DC though, and weave it into the 'plot' of your dream.

2. So long as you expect them to behave in a certain manner, they probably will. The moment you doubt this is when the DCs will begin acting erratically.

3. From personal experiences, your DCs seem to immediately know everything about you. After all, they are created from your projected thoughts. From the same logic it seems reasonable that they will remember past experiences with you in future dreams (although i have not experienced this myself).

4. Unless you are a master at creating and totally and utterly controlling and sustaining DCs, then they will always have some 'free will' (i.e. controlled partially by your SC)
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Re: Creating the perfect dream character(s)

Postby Rebecca » 14 Jul 2012 13:39

Great post!

Here are my musings from personal experience.... which may or may not apply to YOUR dreams ;)

1. Dream figures created by the subconscious generally tend to have meaning and represent some part of your psyche which you can probe. Figures created by the conscious ego tend to serve only the purpose you project onto them (eg object of lust...) and so may be more 2-dimensional. Having said that, they can quickly evolve and take on a meaningful form beyond your ego-meddling!

2. Dream figures based on real life people or characters can have multiple personalities and don't seem to act in accordance with real life per se. They tend to be a mixture of the "real them" and whatever my personal underlying emotions are in that particular dream plot. Sometime they can even be quite creepy, while creepy looking characters can be quite sweet. Appearances can be deceiving!

3. There's a thread somewhere called 'do dream characters have self awareness?' (or similar) which goes deep into this. There's probably not a simple answer at this stage, but I'd say its inaccurate to think of DC's as having memory. They're more like projections of you so don't think of them as having separate and continuous awareness, but rather extension of your awareness (conscious and subconscious) that exist only fleetingly when you dream of them.

4. See #3, they are intrinsically tied to your psyche. Although any free will they do appear to have is already given to them by your subconscious self, just like non-lucid dream characters. In general, lucid dream characters control themselves and it is hard to forcefully manipulate their actions. I find it better to ask them to oblige (eg "please take me to Mars!") than to silently manipulate them. But use your own in-dream logic and find what works for you best. I am still experimenting myself - sometimes this just means asking them questions and seeing what they suggest. They can be deeply insightful and wonderful to have around. Dream characters are often still very mysterious to me.
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Re: Creating the perfect dream character(s)

Postby ygorvaz » 16 Jul 2012 04:24

What a strange place to find a kingdom hearts fan : ) anyway, about your questions, the best ways to control your dream characters is to ask them to do things, but, still, it's up to them to obey. If you want to make some character vanish, go to some other place and expect that, when you come back they have already gone. Controling the way they act is much more difficult, about this sorry, I can't help you. Well, good luck!

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