mans best freind

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mans best freind

Postby jake » 04 Jun 2011 02:13

just learned a cool new fact you guys might find interesting :idea: . Aparrently, when a dog sleeps in the same bed as his master they enter and exit dream states of sleep simultaniousely. This sounds really cool but its not like their sharing the same dream that would just be science fiction... and it would be pretty cool. :lol:

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Re: mans best freind

Postby Seto_Blade » 06 Jun 2011 18:06

That is cool! I've personally never slept with any of my dogs, 'cause, unfortunately, they are outside dogs (Not my rules!), but that is a very cool notion. I'm gonna read into that and see what I can find.

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Re: mans best freind

Postby philipsteele » 25 Jun 2011 08:40

i have no this type of experience..but i think its for our great friendly manner...... :ugeek:

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