New and is this my first step towards a lucid dream??

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New and is this my first step towards a lucid dream??

Postby MINDSQUEEZE » 18 Jul 2012 00:18

I am not new to dreams in general as since I was a child I have had crazy, messed up dreams and my parents can tell you a few good stories of me dreaming with my eyes open and talking out aloud....and so on....

But I have never had or knew much about lucid dreams....till now.

Like everyone else I have read and tried to get as much info as I can on it and i am hooked. After all I think I should be a lucid dreamer as my dreams are so vivid it effects me a few days after sometimes.

Last night I think I was close, but not sure...Id like someone to see what they think.

Here is the dream (which was very short it seemed) :

I was at my nan's house (reaceauring place, but haven't dreamt about it for a while) and it was just me and the girlfriend. It was very vivid and can remember what my girlfriend was wearing. I wanted us to have a bit of sexual fun (so it was a sex dream, although I didn't get to any good parts), I was in the main room with the door open and she was in the hallway; I went to take her hand to pull her towards me in the room I was in and then I had a quick thought and felt this is weird. I thought my girlfriend hasn't been to my nan's house yet and I haven't been here for ages. In my dream I thought about this could be a dream and the feeling was amazing. I thought to myself to do a reality check but I didn't do one for some reason and it all gets a bit dull after that, I think I woke up. The time scale was weird and I didn't have time to control my dream. It was just that small bit of dream. I do remember the feeling that I got when standing there (amazing, happy, but scared as well) but its getting more faint and faint as the days go on but it is down in my dream book.

What do you make of it?

Thank you for reading my post


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