Dealing with subconscious in LD

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Dealing with subconscious in LD

Postby mikethewizard » 18 Jul 2012 20:37

Hello :) .

I've been trying to lucid dream for a while. They say lucid dreaming is safe, but one thing makes me wonder.
Dreams are created by our subconscious, right? Is it really safe to deal with our own minds? Are there any possible dangers ? I mean, people don't fully understand the purpose of dreams. I'm just wondering if playing with subconscious is safe. Could it affect lucid dreamer in some way?

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Re: Dealing with subconscious in LD

Postby Dreamer3456 » 18 Jul 2012 21:15

The worst thing that could happen would be to loose control of the dream and experience a nightmare or something that might scare you and wake up. Lucid Dreaming has been a scientific fact for around 30 - 40 years I think and many experiments have been conducted since and no dangers have been present. Unless you have some sort of mental problem like schizophrenia, I think you're okay.

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