New member but lucid dreamed a lot in the past

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New member but lucid dreamed a lot in the past

Postby Marko » 19 Jul 2012 21:09

Greetings, from America.

I was researching the Nova dreamer etc & came to this site. I've delved into lucid dreaming years back & thought researching the Nova dreamer & other items might help me as I experiment again. One reason of great interest is James Twyman's lucid dream technique that creates a door to the afterlife to communicate in real lucid dream time with those who've past on. I wondered if anyone here is even aware of this technique?

I spent a few years studying dreams with Gayle Delaney. I find her method excellent but it's a lot of work.
I remember years back asking her why when I ask my dream characters in my lucid dreams questions I only received garbled nonsensical answers. Her response was that perhaps it was that I was awake & conscious in the dream state & my dream characters were in the unconscious state & were existing in metaphor where I was more literal.

So when I read where Rebecca was able to talk directly to her dream characters my ears perked up. I really went deep during my time in lucid dreaming & this is my consideration in coming back. I'll spend some time here & think about getting a dream inducing mask & entering back into the lucid dream world.

Part is just for creative fun exploration & the other is to tap into a deeper spiritual part of my soul to get answers & guidance to life's big questions.

I'm just now finishing my own website that's very metaphysically based & so this is my intro post to the group.


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