WILD help needed

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WILD help needed

Postby Meppe » 20 Jul 2012 11:56

I usually wake up on my own early in the morning and go back to sleep. This morning I attempted to have a WILD. I had decided yesterday what I want to do if I have a lucid dream tonigth.

So, I was laying on the side this morning, trying to get my body to fall asleep while I stayed awake. At first there was just the blackness that you are supposed to see when meditating. Then different patterns started appearing, first in dark gray and then brigther gray.

After some time the patterns started disappearing and all I saw was black. My body got heavy and and my breathing pattern changed. I tried visuallising the place I wanted to go to. I was still very aware of my body, so I tried staying focused on staying awake and decided to visuallise when I was sure that I was asleep. I kept thinking "I'm dreaming" and "The next scen will be a dream" to remind me about it.

After some time I got frustrated and thougth that I wasn't tired enough to fall asleep. I started moving my fingers and toes. My body got ligther and I got up, did a reality check and found out that I was awake.

Am I on the rigth track here?

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