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Postby ausvis » 21 Jul 2012 08:44

I think i had a lucid dream . After a long dream ( yeah it was long but lucidity went on for only about 7 seconds ) I asked a guy to teleport me home , I think my barin understood that it' s not possible to do that and i was thinking " Yey , i finally achieved - how to teleport through dreams :D " , he did and then I grabbed my nose , i was breathing i said " I am dreaming , I can controll my dream " But then i think i thought about me in bed and the dream ended -_- . Was it a lucid dream?

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Postby Ironbard » 21 Jul 2012 19:21

As far as I understand the term, lucidity just means being aware that you are dreaming, and you apparently were. So I'd definitely have to say: Yes! You had a lucid dream!

Don't worry about the dream being so short though, the first ones usually are. My first lucid dream lasted approximately 15-30 seconds - maybe less.
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