First Lucid Dream?

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First Lucid Dream?

Postby hrodi007 » 02 Aug 2012 18:14

Ok, well, just yesterday I have started doing reality checks, you know, by looking at the clock, trying to slam my hand through a table (ouch). So, I just woke up a bit ago, and I might have, or might have not have had a lucid dream. I will explain them to you. The first might be lucid dream, was when I looked over at this clock, and it kept changing. I think I kind of realized that I was dreaming but I am not very sure. But soon later, I think I might have because I found out I could control everything. (It might have been the dream...) The first thing I did was make fireworks explode in the backyard, and confetti fly everywhere, which made someone very mad. ( I was trying to make that person mad). And the next thing I remember was being in a park, with some people sitting on a bench, and I messed with them, though I just know I did, I don't remember how. But I do remember while I was with them finding out I could blow fire out of my mouth, then I lit a bush on fire, then put it out. I think I was only a tiny bit lucid, because I was exactly aware I was asleep, because I would have thought about flying and things, but I did realize I could control everything. But I wasn't thinking!! I was just doing a bunch of things to mess with other people. And I also had another dream which I think was more closer to lucidity than the other dream. I did my reality check in the dream by trying to slam my hand through a table. It worked. Then I shouted " I am lucid, yayayayyaya!" Then I remember my worst fear about lucidity, and then the whole scene transformed into some dark creepy thing (I was in a department store), and thank goodness I don't remember what happened after that. I might have woke up. I also wish I could remember my dream in more details. And be able to think more clearly. Did I have some type of lucid dream?
Thank you for reading and answering!!! :)

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Re: First Lucid Dream?

Postby jamjam » 02 Aug 2012 18:48

I suspect you were semi-lucid...
You didn't stabilise the lucid dream and you forgot to remind yourself it was a dream.
Why don't you ask some questions to your subconscious instead of goofing off randomly :)

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