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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby Rebecca » 07 Aug 2012 23:52

Snookz678 wrote:umm Hello I just wanted to say i'm really fascinated with lucid dreaming ever since one day i randomly woke up in a dream and was overwhelmed by my surroundings and i read most of your articles, but here is what i really wanted to say i'm only 15 and i read on how much you were dedicated to L.D. and how you started very young and i really want fast track but my parents don't believe L.D. is real, and since they have money and i cant get a job yet i was wondering if there are any more secrets,techniques,things to help me become a better L.D. such as you. If you would, anything would help. Thank You.

Carlos C.

Wow that's a very open question... I'm not sure I can give you the answer you want. I've shared pretty much everything I know on the website and in the course, and the bits I haven't shared I'm still exploring myself! (I don't want to misguide anyone.)

I recommend you work through the website and see how you get on. I promise I'm not withholding any "magic bullet" for lucid dreaming. The only missing ingredient from my tutorials is your personal commitment, so really you have to absorb each lesson - then go practice like you really want it. Good luck.
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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby MermaidMelodies » 08 Aug 2012 06:17

Hi, Rebecca! :mrgreen: I've been interested in lucid dreaming for awhile, and I was wondering if since lucid dreaming can help you conquer your fears, can it help with certain mental disorders like anxiety or depression? I haven't had a lucid dream yet, but it would be great to know! :oops:
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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby dreamer45 » 11 Aug 2012 14:13

Is sex in lucid dream feels real?????(sorry for my question)

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby dreamer45 » 12 Aug 2012 15:15

What is the Best position in Wild?

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby polkadotboat » 14 Aug 2012 04:03

Will the Gateways of the Mind Conference ever come to America?

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby fistania » 15 Aug 2012 18:27

Hi Rebecca, i'd like to ask you some question.

is it possible to discard our bad habits with lucid dreaming? if it probably is, how do you think i should do that?
for example, if i have a bad habit of stealing something (just an example!), will it do if i meet with my "stealing urge"/"part of me who loves to steal" and 'kill' them? or maybe just transform them into a form of child? or maybe if i give love and show some compassion, will it stop or will i become 'accepting' to that part of me? or should i just talk to them about it (i think it'll need some time in the dream)? i don't think to ask question such as "why would you steal?" implies here, since the bad habit is not stealing or something that needs a deep reason.

ah yes! you can use "smoking addict" for example, since it doesn't need any deep reason to do it. and if possible i'd like to avoid using the method that 'kills' my self ^^;

thank you :) sorry if i'm missing something here

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby Sander » 17 Aug 2012 16:11

MermaidMelodies wrote:Hi, Rebecca! :mrgreen: I've been interested in lucid dreaming for awhile, and I was wondering if since lucid dreaming can help you conquer your fears, can it help with certain mental disorders like anxiety or depression? I haven't had a lucid dream yet, but it would be great to know! :oops:

i've read that people walked around feeling happy for a week when they had a LD, so i guess LD's can help with depression, yeah :) what's more: when you're an advanced LD'er, apparently it's possible to ask your subconcious the true reason why you're depressed.

don't know for anxiety and other disorders, but i can imagine that using LD's can be helpful.
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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby croonerkid01 » 19 Aug 2012 06:29

Hey Rebecca, this morning i got up walk to my bedroom door and then woke up in my bed so i thought i must of been dreaming. So then i got up and open my door again and then woke up once again in my bed this repeated 4 more times after that i just gave up it was quite scary it was like i was trapped in my room but luckily my mum woke me up haha. I think it might have been because i had a lucid dream last night and i went to sleep quite late so my body must have been tired so even though im thinking of getting up my body refused to.

I think it was a false awakening but it happened 6 times and probably would have been more if i tried to get up again.

What would you say this was?

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby BtheDestroyer » 21 Aug 2012 01:52


Is there any way to implant, remove, or change a memory in your subconcious through a lucid dream?

if so, how?

Another thing is, is there any way to change the way your subconcious thinks in the real world through one?
such as changing an instinct or giving yourself a different mindset

thank you for your time,

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Re: Questions for Rebecca

Postby joegibson12 » 24 Aug 2012 18:02

Hey Rebecca,

Today I tried the relaxing into a lucid dream technique with some nice cricket type abience. I imagined myself in Spain with the girl I liked and slowly I noticed my body going numb (For about 6 years every few months I've been having sleep paralyse but I want to lucid dream and overcome the fear I have when I wake up like that) but anyway I told myself it's okay, your going to lucid dream just relax. So I continued to relax and was actually enjoying the relaxation, occasionally I'd open my eyes and feel so relax, just lying there. Anyway the whole Spain scenario soon died out and moved onto the hunger games for some reason and imagined myself as one of the contestants. But this time a few minutes in I heard a noise, music playing and it immediately startled me. I tried to relax and stick with it but only after a few seconds I had a shiver down my spine and forced myself to move about and said "I'm awake".
So I was wondering, if I continue to stick with this technique can I overcome the fright I had when I heard that and continue to go further into lucid dreaming? I think it's because I'm so involved in my daydream and being so relaxed it catches me of guard and startles me. Any ideas on what I can do to get over this? I'd like to experience lucid dreaming and this seems to be something in the way at the moment. Thanks :)

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