My random ramble of awsomeness :P

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My random ramble of awsomeness :P

Postby James » 10 Aug 2012 00:03

Well its been a while since I've been here, apart from my monthly promise to learn to LD which I forget about but whe-hey! :D

I just feel like I've got alot to say... (damnit I'm bad at intros)

I found out about LDing aroung the 18th of December 2011, yet have had no LD's (ultranoob lulwut)
I had one on the 16th of jan '12 but I woke up like "was that it..?" which you guys told me if I don't wake up from my first ld like omgwtfghfjfygzgj... well it's probably a fake one (dreaming your having a ld, inception style 'o.O)
Anyway im trailing off here herp derpaderp so, all I really want is your help, mr reader, to hype me up and get all excited about the whole thing again
I dont really bother about dream journals as I remember 1-3 dreams per night, i think i was born with decent memory as i have quite vivid memories of doing thing mum told me i only did when i was still 1 or 2yrs old, but is there any need? I know my recurring dream signs etc

I dunno, in summary just hype me up about it again and answer my journal question

(I suk at outros too btw)

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