Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Postby tdooley » 12 Aug 2012 17:23

Okay, where to start. Well, first off, I am a 22 year old male still living at home with my folks. My lucid nightmares began occurring
when I was a teenager. The lucidity began with flying around, being able to walk then take off and fly, travel through space,
into other cities and towns, and then the real horror began. When I was about 15, I was dreaming I was in my house, but in my dream,
I was in the same exact position as I was when I woke up. We had a recliner that stood close to the railing to the basement. From what I
remember, I was watching myself sleep while I slept. All of a sudden, I felt a hot sensation on the back of my neck and my hairs stood all
the way up. I could feel it happening while I was asleep the body sensations, the tingling, the hot breath beating on my back. Then things
started getting even more terrifying. Since I was able to see everything happen while it happened, I watched as a pale face with a grim
expression, emerge over my shoulder. The dream was so terrifying, it woke me right up but I wish I was still sleeping because what happened
next was even more disturbing. Fully aware of everything in the room, my dream came to a reality. As I was still laying in the recliner, I
had the urge to look over my shoulder and then my greatest fear confronted me. Standing on the steps, as if it were watching me like a snake
gazing at it's prey, the demon was there. It had the same pale face, but it's mouth was gaping open full of razor sharp teeth and was salivating
as if it were hungry for something. It had black eyes and wore a black shroud, its fingers were long and thin, and it just stared at me and I
back at it. This drove me over the edge I was screaming uncontrollably for my mom or dad to help. They came rushing out into the room just as
I had turned my head back and shut my eyes as hard as I could. Then it was gone. As if nothing had happened at all, the demon had vanished from
the room, the sensation was gone, and my parents were nothing but worried as I was shook up the entire day. For a while, I avoided going down to my
basement, I had stopped lucid dreaming, and my dreams were nothing but scattered thoughts and mindless ideas. Then, last night, it happened again.

Since I have moved back home, the dreaming has become even more active and disturbing. But last night, I dreamt I was in my house again, but I was
the only one inside. I have a huge vanity mirror attached to my dresser and in my dream, I was looking into the mirror. Suddenly, the face in me changed
to the same entity I had encountered years ago. With the same greasy long black hair, those black soul-less eyes, and the pale white face. It sort of
grimaced at me and stood there, covered in it's black shroud. I crept closer to the mirror and it stood in place. Suddenly, I was a hair away from the glass
when all of a sudden, the demon attacked and came through the mirror. But it pulled me inside the mirror instead of coming through. I don't remember what
happened while I was in this mirror world, but somehow I did escape and I had woken up. Terrified that I was in the same state as before, I kept my eyes open
as long as I could before they became extremely heavy and I fell back into the lucid nightmare. This time, I was at home and my mom was there. She seemed really
worried about something, and I knew she was paranoid because she kept walking all over the house never stopping for anything. I started following her to other rooms
and I saw what she was doing. Inside every room containing a reflection, she covered it with a black curtain no matter if it was a wall mirror or a reflection from
the microwave. Now, this does seem pretty crazy but keep in mind of what happened earlier in the dream. I don't know what curiosity struck up inside me but I had
removed the drapes from the microwave and as I peered into my reflection, it looked as if the image were liquifying into something else. I saw my face morphing
into the same creature, same expression, peering at me. I guess no lesson is learned in this dream, since I decided to once again walk closer to my altered reflection.
Then, as I came nose to nose with the demon, it grabbed my head and tried pulling me through again. But I would not give up fighting. I pulled back as hard as I could
and was released from the demon's clammy grasp. Then the microwave spontaneously blew up and my brother and dad had came home the exact same time. Thinking my
mom was going completely mental, my dad confronted her asking why all the mirrors were covered. She had told him what had happened and how she somehow saw me
being pulled through into the mirror the first time. My brother was skeptical about everything and his curiosity heightened as he got closer to the mirror in my bedroom.
Now, we were all trying to convince him to leave the curtain over the mirror but he would not listen. He removed the curtain and just as before, the demon stood in the mirror
looking at all of us. It reached out for my brother and we all started running through the house and outside. After that, I woke up even more terrified than I was
when I was a teenager. Since my mom had reached out to me when I was younger, I decided to tell her about the dream too. I was literally tearing up while I was
explaining everything that occurred and she was concerned, but she was also late for her shift in the ER so I was not able to express my emotions fully. I am still
sick thinking about it and although I am a grown man, I fear that this will keep happening when I fall asleep. In some different scenario, the same creature finds
it's way into my dream feeding on my fear laughing at my pain. Can someone please confirm that I have not gone crazy? Anybody experience something similar? All thoughts are
considered, thanks.

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Postby Intrepid » 12 Aug 2012 23:56

Youre not crazy, you're simply afraid to trigger that same nightmare over and over, and understandably so. Remember, the mirrors, the face, all of it is just in your imagination. You cannot be harmed by any of it. Ask many mirrors or dark places have you been around when you weren't thinking about those horrors? And how many times have those things been able to terrify you when you weren't thinking about them? I went through this same kind of phase about 5 years ago when I was 22. I was having panic attacks at night as a full-grown man, worried that a demon's face would appear in one of my windows. The realization came to me that I was never once confronted by a demon, and that I only cared about that happening when I thought about it. was me scaring me. I was propagating the fear by allowing the idea to sit in my mind and take hold. I immediately stopped having panic attacks and that same fear has been gone to this day.
I hope this helped. :)

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Postby tdooley » 14 Aug 2012 01:19

I think that could be what it is.. I am deprived of sleep but I anticipate these things bc I'm so used to weird stuff happening in my house. I'll be sitting somewhere and out of the corner of my eye, my lights will flicker. The more attention I give, the more paranoid I get and the more concerned about nothing I am. I just wish I could sleep normally instead of having sleep paralysis episodes and tossing and turning all night. I might go to a sleep lab to get my dream patterns evaluated but I still feel paranoid going to sleep unless I'm completely messed up. I have to be drunk or buzzing on something most of the time and I know it could be dependency, but I read that when you experience an OBE, your spiritual body leaves making you vulnerable to any kind of event. I have these a lot where I will watch myself sleep or I will be flying around somewhere and also read that flying could represent the thoughts of another entity that has come into consciousness with you. These kinds of things concern me.. why can't I have an awesome dream with cool shit like everybody else?

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Postby Intrepid » 14 Aug 2012 01:28

I have ready many, many posts about Out-of-body experiences and have experienced sleep paralysis personally. In my opinion, you're in an awesome place right now as far as having a "cool" dream is concerned. If you can properly train yourself and practice, you can use those experiences as a launch pad for lucid dreams. Flying around outside of your body, to me, is a dream that is out of context. It is no different than any other lucid experience in that you need to "wake up" within it just like in any other dream that you become lucid. Try opening doors, closing your eyes and imagining a new place and them opening them, or envisioning someplace you want to fly and then trying to get there. As far as being paralyzed...try concentrating through it instead of focusing on fear. You're still here, aren't you? Still alive? No demon claw marks or emblems burned onto your skin? =)
You are the master of yourself, and you can definitely be successful at lucid dreaming. I've tried and tried and tried to bring on Sleep Paralysis through meditation and haven't succeeded once, so I am particularly jealous. A co-worker of mine also experiences SP nearly every night and I'm trying to teach him how to focus through it as well in order to achieve more lucid dreams. (He has them often)

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Postby Jusbringit » 15 Aug 2012 21:44

My ex...a very interesting person she was. She amazed me when it came to going in and out of consciousness, whether it was my hypnotizing her, her "second self"- (freaked me out) or her sleeping and driving while maintaining control (yes, this freaked me out too).

She had a recurring nightmare and it had been happening as far back as she could remember. In her dream, there would be two men in masks, and they had kidnapped her little sister and taken her to the basement. It was up to her to save her sister. It was terrifying because one of these men had a knife, but it wasn't your typical knife, it was very detailed and scary in itself. The end result was always the same, she would try to rescue her sister, but they always got to my ex before she could.

Eventually after well over a decade, she found out that as a little girl, (3-5), she had watched the movie "Cobra" with her father, and that was the basis for her recurring nightmare.

I don't know if this will help you in finding out why you are having this dream, but maybe it could?

I've had a few recurring lucid nightmares myself, but I haven't had them in a while, and to this day I can't figure out what it was from.

It's pretty concise. Essentially I'll be in bed, and basically some sort of evil will approach me. There is no specific form, but it's there and I can feel it. It's as if I'm being taken into a place where I can sense things without the need for my physical sensors (nose eyes mouth, ears etc.), however, feelings such as fear become quite vivid. While I experience this, I can't move or do anything. I try to call out for help, but no sound can come from my mouth. I believe this to be my body being asleep. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I also believe this began the onset of my lucid dreaming. I'm fully aware of my sleeping paralysis, but unless something "wakes me up", I can't really do anything about it. Sometimes I'm able to trigger something to happen, but most often, I just lay there trying to lift my arms or try to scream with no effect.

My most recent lucid dream was this morning 7am to 7:30 am. I watch a lot of anime and currently I'm watching naruto. This ties in greatly with lucid dreaming due to the vast array of "jutsu" (techniques) that are available. Someone in my dream was able to use one of these jutsu in front of me, and I convinced myself that if that person can do it, then I can too...before you know it, I was in complete control, and well aware of everything. To the point where I was going to tell my friends (that were in the dream), while I was dreaming, that they should never forget this day, but then remembered that I was dreaming and it wouldn't be possible. I was able to use the jutsu to create things. It was much easier to manipulate things since I believed it to work without fail.

If you can somehow induce and maintain control, see if you could shake it up a bit, and change things. Good luck!

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Postby enchanter128 » 23 Aug 2012 10:33

Around 1995-1996 I became really interested in LD and astral projection stuff and started practicing. One of the first texts written on this phenomenon that I managed to find back then (it was kinda hard, because Internet was a rare thing in my country) was Donald DeGracia's CompuServe ASTRAL PROJECTION/OOBE class.

In this text the author gives a description of a specific phenomenon he referred to as "the dweller at the threshold", and pretends that some people tend to encounter this thing during their OOBE practice.

I'd like to note that I personally haven't met anything like that so far (and I've been experiencing LD/OOBE travels for eighteen years), neither I heard about this "Dweller" from any of my "LD-browsing" friends.

But yours might be just the case.

Here is a quotation from the text, in which the author gives his own encounter of the phenomenon:

"All I can remember now is that somehow I left my body, or became lucid in the dream state, whichever you prefer...
(I went though a number of experiences, then...)
...Somehow that I can't now recall, I was outside my body again. This time I was standing in my bedroom. I was surprised because it seemed to be daytime outside, but I knew it was nighttime and
that I was actually sleeping on my bed. I noticed that where my west wall normally was that there was another room beyond it, like the wall had disappeared and there was this room there instead. I floated into the room and could look into my bedroom. I noticed that I had hands and arms and legs and that I was
floating a foot or so off the ground. I was moving my body around just marvelling in the sensation of my lucidity. I began to feel elated. I started to call out and experienced the same thing that happened the other night. I could hear my voice in my mind and it sounded perfectly normal, but when I actually tried to talk, it came out in slow motion.
I was really feeling great and had been playing with these things for a few moments when all of a sudden I began to feel trepid and a little paranoid. It felt like I was being watched. I looked up into my room and saw a tall dark figure standing in my window. My windows were open as if they were doors and this figure was standing there on the windowsill looking at me. I didn't know what to think at first. The figure was of a male, tall and skinny, and pitch black, more like a silhouette than anything else. I'd have thought it was a
shadow except it had these vivid evil looking completely red eyes. It didn't have pupils or anything, just these evil looking eye slits that were totally red. At first I thought it couldn't see me, but as
if in response to my thought, it turned and stared directly at me. Then I became afraid. I didn't know what I should do. It slowly seemed to move towards me, and I made my way back to my bed,
thinking that I should jump back into my body and wake up. I hovered over to my bed and this thing was slowly coming at me.
Then I remembered something from one of the first occult books that I had ever read [This is the Sepherial book I'm referring to here]. In this book the author gave a magic phrase for the student to say
to protect himself from evil forces. The author claimed that it was a very potent spell from the times of ancient Atlantis. The spell was in some unknown language and I didn't know what it meant, but at the time I had memorized it [though I no longer remember it], and it seemed like now was as good a time as any to use it!
So I repeated the spell in my mind and the wildest things happened. I was surprised as **** that it worked! At least it did something, for now I was laying half way out of my body, the dark figure had
disappeared, and now there was this, what seemed to me to be like a very fake looking mannequin up over me. It had the face of a cartoon alligator and I was biting its arm, but it looked just like a mannequin and wasn't doing anything. It had a stupid, goofy look on its face.
But I was panicking, attacking its arm and trying like hell to wake myself up. I kept trying to shake myself, thinking that if I could move my body then I'd wake up. The strangest thing happened. As I shook myself, I could feel myself "sink" into my physical body, and weird as this sounds I could see two distinct visual fields at once. They didn't overlap though, one was on top of the other, as if my visual field were cut in two. The top one was my visual field in my projection of my day lit bedroom, and the bottom field was my
dark bedroom at night. There was even a definite line of demarcation between the two view fields. My vision was literally split in half! It was the absolutely strangest sensation! And as I struggled to shake myself, I could feel myself pull down to the lower view of my bedroom, and the top view seemed to go up and out of my visual field. But then I would relax momentarily and I would start to rise up, just like when one is under water and starts to float toward the surface, and I was being pulled back up into the top scene. Then
I would begin to struggle and shake myself again, and pull back down. This happened about four times; I would think that I was out of the top view and begin to relax and quit shaking and rocking myself, and
the moment I would stop, I would feel myself being pulled back into the top visual field. I was scared as hell and thought I was trapped. Finally though, I shook and shook and shook myself and
I actually woke up.
I was laying still on my bed. For all the shaking and moving I was doing, I thought when I awoke that my body would be moving around as much. But it wasn't; it was very still. I laid there scared as hell. I had the strangest paranoia that at any moment something evil was going to jump out of my walls and stab me to death, the same feeling I felt before. I didn't know what had just happened to me. Who the hell was that dark figure? For some reason it really spooked me bad."

I suggest you find this text on the Internet (it is very easy to find) and read the whole chapter titled "The Dweller At The Threshold". The author then describes his further encounters with this thing and how he finally managed to get rid of this monstrocity for good.

Hope it'll help you.

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Postby TomTap2 » 03 Sep 2012 04:28

I'm new to the whole 'lucid dream' thing myself, but this 'demon' you keep dreaming of sounds like a demon of your subconsciousness, it obviously represents something to do with your personality, memories, or something completely hidden. The next time it happens while you're in a lucid state you've gotta try and remember to confront this demon and talk to it. Ask it what part of you it represents, and why it's haunting you. If it is a demon of your subconscious, it should reply. See if you can come to some sort of negotiation for it to stop appearing.

Remember, this is YOUR lucid dream, you should gain control over the situation, with your imagination. You can fight it back if it doesn't talk to you or give you an answer. Your imagination should be limitless!

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