tips on remembering dreams? :|

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tips on remembering dreams? :|

Postby lucidfailing » 27 Jan 2012 00:37

i cannot remember my dreams i prolly remember 1 dream a week lol anyone got any tips to help with that?

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Re: tips on remembering dreams? :|

Postby SarahDank » 27 Jan 2012 10:28

Even though I can Lucid dream, and dream every night, I sometimes, (very rarely) can't remember them.

Start with remembering how you where feeling at the time you woke up.
If you remember any part of a dream, try and think how you got there.

And with saying the above, even though you may not want to Lucid dream, Keep a diary with what you can remember from dreaming. Mostly how you where feeling when you woke up and then going from there.

good luck, not sure how much this will help :)

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Re: tips on remembering dreams? :|

Postby Chrispy » 27 Jan 2012 20:16

Keep a journal by your bed and write in it as soon as you wake up. The more you move, the more you're going to forget your dream. However, bits and pieces may come to you during the day. You may be triggered into remembering them because of something that happens to you and you'll go, "Oh yeah...I remember what I was dreaming about..."

I normally just type it into my phone because I always have my phone with me. Remembering your dreams takes practice and it will get easier to recall dreams if you write the ones you can remember down.
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Re: tips on remembering dreams? :|

Postby jamjam » 27 Jan 2012 22:13

What you need is vitamin B6! It helps with recall and clarity...
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