Starting a new dream journal habit ... and dreading it!

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Starting a new dream journal habit ... and dreading it!

Postby dydreamer » 04 Feb 2012 21:23

Hi everyone,

Best wishes to all of you, and I hope all of you are doing well. I've been a semi-lucid dreamer for years, meaning that I remember my dreams, and feel as if I'm somewhat lucid during them. However, I have a limited amount of control and frequently get drawn back into the dream. I've recently had some pretty amazing semi-lucid dreams, where I felt a greater degree of control than I ever had before, and had some amazing experiences. I've had several conversations with some of the characters in my dreams, and they've given me some great advice about my waking life. I've also had some amazing encounters with my recently deceased done dog, and and really feel like I finally had the chance to say some the things that I wanted to save her before she passed. I've made the decision to become fully lucid, and am really excited about having some more lucid dreams. I'm starting by developing a regular habit of writing in my dreams are what I wake up. However, I find writing in my journal tedious, and find that I'm putting off extra sleep (and possible lucid dreams) in order to avoid doing it. I also woke up less night, and decided that there were several dreams I just didn't want to remember. I can't help but think that writing in the journal, and the effort involves, might have something to do with it. I have now successfully written in my dream journal for 4 days in a row, and aiming for a full 30.

However, I dislike it intensely. Right now I'm at a loss. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Any ideas for making the process more fun? To spice things up, I invested in a voice dictation system that lets me dictate my Journal entries into my computer directly, and that takes a lot less time than it took to do them by hand. It's also pretty cool to be able to just talk into my phone and then have everything I say be transcribed into my journal. Even so, it's still quite a bother. Any thoughts? Thank you so much for your help, and I look forward to continuing the discussion.

Best wishes,


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Re: Starting a new dream journal habit ... and dreading it!

Postby jamjam » 04 Feb 2012 21:30

I usually use a recording device to record my dreams. I don't write anymore because I already have enough dream signs. I can remember my dreams as clear as waking life. Don't worry the more you practice remembering and writing down your dreams The better you'll get. Practice makes perfect!
Sweet dreams,

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Re: Starting a new dream journal habit ... and dreading it!

Postby Peter » 04 Feb 2012 22:15

I just make headings and them flesh out anything of interest for my own fun, I also might make a sketch or two to brighten up the dairy. I usually do this with a coffee in the morning and it takes a few minutes thats all.

The recall gets better and I am at the stage where I recall dreams from days, weeks, months or years back if I want to or if something triggers a memory.

Just enjoy and do as much or as little as you want
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