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next step

Postby plonkerRod » 09 Feb 2012 17:08

hi all, does any1 know of any groups that participate in lucid dreaming or astral projection. ive been aware of my astral projection and lucid dreaming abilities for ages but dont have friends who wouldnt think i was mad if i spoke to them about this intrest. Also i get incredibly anxious and afraid when i concioussly slip into the dream world, i think i would benefit from group attempts

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Re: next step

Postby jet199 » 10 Feb 2012 10:41

Most people have had a basic lucid experience. That is, thinking "oh this is a dream" and then waking up. The only thing that you do differently is stay asleep for longer. If you explain it in basic terms without referring to astral planes and other jargon then it isn't really that scary. I find that these things are more common than we think. When I first started looking into astral projection and lucid dreaming 3 people I work with decided to let me know, independently of each other, that they experienced sleep paralysis regularly.

In a lot of cultures people discuss their dreams regularly as a part of their lives. I think that things are more hidden in the west because people don't want to show others the inner workings of their minds.
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