New Member: Sleep Paralysis and False Awakenings

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New Member: Sleep Paralysis and False Awakenings

Postby fyrespryte » 13 Feb 2012 01:45

I'm a brand new member. I came here hoping to find some information because I've been experiencing both sleep paralysis and false awakenings together. It's been happening frequently recently and I'm hoping to learn how to transform the experience into lucid dreaming.

I've read about "reality checks" and I'm not sure how to incorporate that into my current experiences.
Here's what's been happening:

At first, I would have a false awakening, and not realize that I was still asleep. At one point, I had a false awakening that reset itself probably five times...each time I thought I was awake, thought I heard friends in my apartment and tried to get out of bed. That's where the sleep paralysis comes in. If I can move at all, it's like trying to move through molasses. That time, I finally realized in my dream that no one else had keys to my apartment and therefore there couldn't be anyone in my apartment, and finally woke up for real.

I've been taking naps in the afternoon, and this is when it's been happening the most. Today, I actually realized while I was dreaming that I was asleep and for a few minutes was able to experience the dream knowing that...but I still could barely move.

During these dreams there are strange people in my house, or like today...there was a cat in my living room...I don't have a cat, which is what alerted me to the fact that I was now that I can know that I'm do I get past the sleep paralysis and step into lucid dreaming? Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed.

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Re: New Member: Sleep Paralysis and False Awakenings

Postby Chrispy » 14 Feb 2012 05:31

If you get to a state where you know you're dreaming, (like with the cat incident), then you need to force yourself to believe that you can move. You have to convince yourself that since it's a dream, you can do anything - It's basically just mind over matter. Your body has nothing to do with how you can or can't move in your dream world. Hope this helps. :)
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